Are we ever really moving?

This is getting old.  While we love being with Cousin Pip, we want to see our new house, even if it’s not ready for us.  We are considering picketing, but the Bean hasn’t been around for us to protest in front of her, which makes this pointless and leaves us frustrated.

Meanwhile, we have seen the sun shine, the clouds cover us, the rain drip down, and a lot of each other.

Auntie Glenda reported that our Bean is growing clumsy and keeps spilling things.  We think she needs to be reassured and comforted by her little people – us.  Smidge has said she would gladly don her nursing uniform, and Goobie says she might like to be an apprentice nurse if that would be permitted.  Smidge got on her Pinkmost Cell and learned that Papa John might need some nursing, and so it’s important to Goobie to learn the nursing basics and get back home to help out where she is needed.

But for now, we wait.  And wait. And wait.

Snip (who grows weary of waiting)

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