Another late-night Friday

The week was so productive, I’ve lost track. Bean is still alternating between panic she won’t and belief that she will finish packing in the next 12 days available to her.  We see things disappearing at a rather alarming rate, but who knows where they are going and what she does with them when they get there. Boxes are everywhere.

After the POD unloading and panic over the vast number of chairs we own, Bean listed 7 matching ones last night on FB Marketplace as well as a vintage mahogany leather-topped pedestal side table. By morning, both listings were spoken for and (cash in Bean’s pocket) are now out of the garage, freeing up valuable space for the Christmas bins when the movers come.

Bean also responded to a survey regarding her thoughts about the Bamboo Store and the Bamboo Installers.  The installers received high praise, the store not so much. But hey, you get what you give.

The Master Bedroom looks almost like a real bedroom.  Took poor Bean days to get the bed made.  It has a memory foam topper on it.  Anyone with memory foam experience knows it weighs a ton.  This one had a full zippered cover on it, but the cover, which was shipped unprotected, was filthy. first order of business was to get it off. Bean won the battle and popped it into the previously untried washer, and then to the dryer.  The moment of truth arrived when it was dry and had to be put back on the foam. Anyone who has tried pulling a thin and at least partially nylon cover over foam of any kind will immediately recognize that the combination of cover and heavy foam did not bode well. Much heaving and flopping of foam, quite a few words we were not supposed to hear, and about an hour later, there was a sign of great relief.  By that time, Bean was exhausted, and simply walked away.

During the process of recognizing the cover to the foam needed cleaning came another moment of recognition: the mattress cover was TRASH. She wadded this up and sent it to the great can in the sky, then ordered another.  It arrived the day after she wrestled the cover back on the foam, so she wrestled it on the bed, and added sheets. But after a zillion trips around the king bed, she again was exhausted. But on the third day,  she added a bedspread, the pillows, and voila! The bed was made and the bedroom was orderly. Three more pieces of furniture will be added when the movers come, but Bean is pleased.  She calls it done and ready to use.

Packing and moving is the daily event.  It’s pretty dull activity, but in the end, it will be done…and then that garage full of unpacked boxes will end up in the doll space where they belong, and the business of unpacking can at last happen.  We dollies look forward to that day since we have been homeless, other than countertops and windowsills, for the past year.  We have high hopes that the exhaustion of packing, moving, and arranging all the small and big loose items will not prevent the Bean from finally unpacking our things from the multitude of boxes they called home for the last year.

Smidge says we should have a giant yard sale and then remodel the Big House.  Hmm.



Moving right along…

Three guys and a big truck showed up at the new house on Thursday. We didn’t need their truck, but we needed the guys who very efficiently unloaded our POD.

So it’s been a year since we last saw the contents of the POD, and we were pretty surprised by what was inside of it.  Things we thought we had donated to a charity prior to moving emerged along with…drum roll please…19 (yes, really – 19) chairs. Please do not ask why we had that many chairs or why we shipped them cross country.  We have no idea on either count. There were two upholstered chairs in there too, but they were expected.  But 19 table chairs?  The bean has photographed them and a forgotten side table to post for sale on FB Marketplace.  Yikes.  The problem is that, in addition to those 19, we had 15 other chairs. If you can add, that comes to a total of 34 chairs. Ridiculous.

But the nice men made short work of the unloading and placement of the furnishings that actually made it into the house, and by 11:30, Cali and Bean were snoozing for a pleasant 2.5 hours in a comfy chair at the Condo with their feet up. Well, all of Cali was up since she was lapping on the Bean.

Today, they emptied two bedroom chests of their contents since the furniture at the condo is not the furniture for the Master at the house, but guest room furnishings. She kept out some things to use for the next few weeks, but the rest is in a dresser already at the house.

Bean says she gets scared every time she thinks about how much is still left to be done, but from our POV, she’s actually done a huge job already and aside from momentary exhaustion on occasion, she doesn’t stop moving or thinking about moving.  The goal is in sight.

She highly recommends Puget Sound Moving, who was recommended to her by Uncle GT.  There’s nothing like a personal recommendation. They will be back June 4 to move all the furnishings from the condo to the house. The end is in sight.


A day late…

They finished our new floors on Wednesday. Bean showed us a photo, and they are pretty. We are so busy with so many things that our days get tangled up, and I missed Friday this week.  Didja miss me? I’ll try to do better, but things are a little crazy right now, so….

Thanks to all my fans who noticed I missed a day.


Another week gone

Poor Bean caught some virus – seemingly cold-related – and has been down for the count since Monday.  Typically, Smidge would be donning her nurse’s uniform and fussing over her, but unfortunately, Uncle GT presented her with a small slot machine he brought home from his archery tournament in Las Vegas, and she’s not only mesmerized by it but by the fact that it’s pink. She can’t resist pink.  Yup, that’s me looking over her shoulder. She said I could play it, but that it’s not my turn yet. Hmm.

Meanwhile, the flooring at the new house was supposed to begin on Wednesday, but got pushed to Thursday.  Then they found that instead of plywood, there was particle board as a top layer.  Fortunately, the Coordinator for the Installers (Bean’s new best friend) phoned a friend and dispatched her men to pick up batch of 1/4″ plywood to put on top, and after only $3,000 and a brief delay. we were back in the install game. Supposedly they will finish the ply with felt today, and on Monday the actual floor can go down.  We are pretty excited.

Aside from that and the pallor of Bean’s illness, nothing going on here except the pull, bell tones, and a series of cherries appearing in a line atop Smidge’s slot machine.

Bean schedules everything…EVERYTHING

The question is, can it all be done.  Yesterday was a “free” day, meaning nothing was technically scheduled, yet it was. Bean dropped Cali off at Camp without breakfast. Well, she took the breakfast with her because Cali wasn’t interested at home.  We have discovered she is not a gobble-it-up doggie but a grazer, more like a cat. She’s uninterested in food when Bean drags her out of bed.  Instead, she just wants to curl up in Bean’s lap.  But Bean had stuff to do, so off Cali went with breakfast in a baggie. At pick-up time, she was informed that Cali found her appetite around 2:00. Figures.

All of our weeks seem to be filled with appointments and workers coming to the new house to do something, yet we still feel we are standing still.  Bean packs boxes destined for the new house kitchen, but other things sit, untouched.  We think perhaps it will never get done. It all feels scattered and disorganized.  Wait, that is how it is.  Well, at least we got something right.

The floor people will be tearing out the carpet next Wednesday. That will, at least, be progress.  Now if we can just keep all the dates and times straight, we might be functional…in a year or so.



And a good time was had, despite type A

We really did have a good time.  Of  course neither Smidge nor Hitty Jadina, nor I actually got the flu in Arkansas, so we had nothing to complain about. On the other hand, the Bean’s 103 degree temp left her so out of it she couldn’t complain if she wanted to. She rallied after a few doses of Tamiflu, so we all made it back home just fine.  We liked going through Denver and will likely use it as our stop-over in the future.

Of course our Queen Anne didn’t get done, but Bean said she didn’t expect it to be done anyway.  There are too many layers to gesso and paint, even if she’d finished the carving. Legs are still waiting, but not for wishing they were.

Once home, Bean was back to her new sub-contractor position, trying to get all manner of things done for the new digs.  On Monday, the HVAC man came to check out what we needed. We are getting a new hot water heater and central air (plus a new cold air return). We have to sacrifice 8″ of space in a closet for the cold air return that will end up in the upstairs hall ceiling, but Bean said it’s a small price to pay, and it’s in a guest room anyway. The bamboo was also delivered, but they sent it on a huge flatbed instead of a box truck.  The driver said when he brings, it’s curbside delivery only.  The Bean was suitably horrified since it had been raining and more expected. He took pit on her, and used his forklift to shove it into the garage for her.  Nice.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we got to stay home and put up our feet.

Thursday, a man – yes, one man – arrived to “stack” or “fort” the bamboo boards. We don’t know how he did it, but he got all the bamboo boxes upstairs alone.  Each one weighed 85 lbs, and there were something like 70 boxes, but he got the job done in 5 hours.  Sadly, he left all the boxes and wood pallets in a heap in the garage.  Nope.  Not working. Bean called and a nice lady came and took half Thursday afternoon, and the other half the next morning. Yikes.

Friday, after the last of the debris went away, Bean swept the garage clean in preparation for a small delivery from Richmond, which arrived soon after she finished unpacking four boxes of china and glassware. They took the oak dresser upstairs (thankfully) to the master bath. It is supposed to go into the closet, but the closet is having carpet removed and new bamboo laid, so the bathroom seemed like a good place to put it. At least it is nearby.  They had barely gone when the Clean Crawls man came to bid on insulating the ducts that are exposed in the crawl and garage. Bean unpacked two more boxes while he was there. All the people had fun playing with our puppy, Cali, who rolled over to month 10 on Thursday.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Cali’s final Invisible Fence training. She will learn how to bounce open her doggie door and hopefully will stay inside her fenced area and will enjoy the freedom of our large back yard thereafter.  The trainer will also install a “rock” that will be wired to protect a large planning area, ripe for a digger like Cali, and create a loop to keep her in the back yard where Bean can see her. We are pretty excited about this.

We have the rest of the weekend to pack things visible or in the kitchen to haul to the new place. We want to be sure we have things to unpack on Monday when the Clean Crawls people return to do that job.

Yes, there is more, but we shall save that for next week.  We know we can’t get moved until the end of May, but it’s getting closer and closer.  Bean is grateful her old handicapped body is being cooperative. 🙂

So until next week, we bid you all a lovely Easter weekend.

Air Trip

Smidge is heading off with the Bean, a Hitty, and two Queen Annes to Arkansas to oversee the birth of a new Queen Anne.

This is an annual spring event as they head to Sky Vue in Winslow.  They have asked me to come along, and I’m considering it, but I worry about the ones who stay behind.  They seem to rely on me, and frankly, if I’m not here, there’s no telling what they might get up to. I have one more day to make up my mind.  The Bean said I should since, come UFDC time, I am required to attend, so I might as well give it a trial run when I’ll only be gone a short time. Hmm, guess I just made up my mind to go along this time.

The new place and all that must be done is beginning to shape up.  The Bean has gas, electric, and water/sewer, the new bamboo flooring has been ordered and hopefully will be delivered shortly after our return, we have new landscapers (Bean loves the name of the company, Sparky Bark), Cali’s Invisible Fence was installed, and she’s on her second week of training. She knows what the flags mean, and if her nose or some other part gets too close, she feels a little tickle (it does not, contrary to popular belief, shock them) or correction as they call it, and she immediately goes the other way.  At home, she has a unit by the back side of the counter with flags all around it, and she avoids it like the plague.  LOL. Bean takes her to the new place daily to walk the perimeter. When we get home from the trip, she will start again and have about a week of this before her, possibly, final training that will teach her to open her doggie door (her collar unlocks it, but she has to learn to push through. They are also installing a new “rock” (a separate device they will wire up to keep her out of a large planting area) and making a loop that prevents her from going directly from the back to the front yard where I won’t be able to see her.  She can still go out the front door, but will be contained even so. It’s a great system that lets her run freely but not get lost or hurt if she made it to the road.

When we return, we have an appointment for someone to come and provide estimates for several things that still need doing, as well as install Central AC.  In the Pacific North West, not a lot of homes have AC because it’s only needed for cooling now and then.  However, the Bean has allergies, and AC also filters the air to keep out the month-long-smoke from fires burning in CA, OR, and B.C.  It made her quite ill last year, an part of the smoke came in during the 90-degree heat wave when windows had to be open with fans running to cool things down. Bean is saving the worst repair for last –  a new roof on the shed whose current shingles outlived their lifespan about 10 years ago, by the looks of things.

So Cali goes to Camp Happy Paws tomorrow, the Bean and we pack, and our flight leaves at 6AM on Sunday morning.  Ugg.  I may have to stay awake all night to be sure that everyone else wakes up!!

I’ll try to keep you posted from AR, but if so, it will NOT be through the column but on my Facebook page,



One more week…

The countdown is on. By next week, we will be the proud owners of a new home here in Washington State. Everyone is all a-twitter. We have not seen the house itself yet, just photos, so it will be exciting for us. We are not certain if the Bean will allow one of us to visit next week or not, but she will tell us all about it. We hope.

She has been on the phone all week, making arrangements for repairs, installations, etc. including the flooring people, a Plumber, the HVAC people, the Invisible Fence people, the utilities (gas, electric, water, etc.), and of course with the real estate agent. She’s also made arrangements for the Pup to spend the night at Camp on Closing day so she can meet with repair people on Friday at the crack of dawn without distractions.

She was happily reminded that Auntie Sara from VA will be on the West Coast the following week. Pinkly is beside herself anxious to know whether Cooper will come with her. She’s smitten, you know…we all know. Sigh. Love is tricky business long distance.

Bean says it was a great relief to have sold our former home and, while she will miss it greatly because it truly felt like home to her, she has moved on and reminded us that we must move on also. The Condo is quite nice, but it didn’t feel much like home since we never got ourselves unpacked.  Our house sat empty. Smidge says she wants to redecorate it – get new furniture and such. Her friend Goobie sent her a lovely hinged photo of the two of them, and she said it was her inspiration for a new décor, though truth be told, she had already begun the renovation by purchasing a new bed for herself.

Smidge on her bed with Goobie gift

She probably thought we wouldn’t notice she had done that, but it’s sitting on the kitchen table, so it’s rather obvious. And she keeps lounging on it with Pinkly and Hitty Jadina. She’s making herself at home without actually having a home right now. Smidge knows how to make do.

Also on the horizon is the Spring (Vernal) Equinox when day and night are balanced, 12 hours each. This occurs here at 2:58 pm PDT on Wednesday, March 20. This is a time of  “new beginnings,” and it is most auspicious that it will occur right before the new house closes the following day. We welcome spring after the worst winter in our recent memory, and certainly we experienced the most snowfall totals the Pacific Northwest has had in decades.

The Vernal Equinox warms not only the soil, but our hearts as well. We look forward to the new season and what it will bring to us.

We just hope that, before the Summer Solstice, we are moved…and unpacked!

Our Week and Weather in review

First we had sun. Then we had snow. Then we had rain, Then we had more snow. Then we had hail. Now we are back to sun. That is all.

Bye-bye to Noble House.  We shall miss her, our first home. That happened yesterday.

We are organizing here at the condo, sorting through stuff in drawers, the garage, etc. Bean says learning to organize is important, so although we don’t love the process, we are doing it all the same.

We suffered a small setback in moving to the new house.  The bamboo flooring the Bean is having laid in the new house probably has to be ordered since it’s unlikely they will have that much flooring in their warehouse.  Then it needs to be delivered, “forted” (something about opening all boxes and laying it out so air circulates), and acclimated to the house for two weeks prior to being laid. And someone has to rip out the carpet. That means it’s gonna take a lot of time. There will be no sudden moves in our future, and so we are likely to live on the windowsill in the condo until May. Sigh. We aren’t homeless, but we do seem live in limbo.

Shout-out to our friend Goobie Scopel whose Papa’s health is finally improving. We love and miss you, Goobs. smiley-waving-hand-18806318

Two weeks to house closing. We shall carry on.


Friday again?

Probably everyone has noticed how time seems to sometimes move quickly and yet, at other times, it seems to stand still? Such an odd phenomenon. Even odder is when it seems to do both at the same time!

Suddenly, it’s March, but still cold like winter here in the PNW. We have consistently been about 10 degrees below normal, and we can only hope it will be more typical soon. We are in many ways shocked that in less than a week, our old house in VA will close and we will no more own it. It was a lovely home, the only one we had ever known, so it’s sad to have to say goodbye. Farewell Noble house. We will miss you but cherish the memories. We hope your new family loves you as we did.


Even more shocking in some ways is that we moved here nearly a year ago. That long ago? It feels like yesterday and forever ago, all at the same time.  And then about a month ago, Bean announced we were moving again. What? We haven’t finished unpacking yet! Are we on some moving merry-go-round?

So now we are in moving limbo.  There is nowhere in our smallish condo to put packed boxes (the reason all the unpacked boxes are in the garage and ready to move on) so we can’t really pack or ferry things to the new house, which is so close we could be neighbors to ourselves. And we don’t close on that house for another three weeks. Why is it that a mere three weeks suddenly feels like forever.

And it gets worse.  Bean is having the 2nd floor carpet ripped out and replaced with bamboo flooring, so even after we close, we can’t move ourselves or our stuff in. And two weeks after we close, Smidge and Bean head off on a carving trip. Oh my. I don’t think the Rurukos, Taelyn, Kele, and myself will be able to move things in their absence. So more limbo. We are now at a total standstill with time stopped while we wait.

Time is not on our side – or then again, we seem to have more of it than we need. Sigh.