We’re home…sort of

We finally made it to the new house, but things are not all welcoming.  We have nothing. It’s all in boxes in the garage, and Bean is too tired of it all to pull it out. Pip is home alone, sniffling because we left en masse, Goobie is stuck here for the foreseeable future due to issues in Virginia that prevent her return, and we are forced to live on the kitchen counter.  Home at last

We found some stuff to entertain us – a giant bin of sidewalk chalk, a desk with no drawers, a wheelbarrow with a rock, and a wagon.  We take turns pulling each other around and wheeling the rock from one end of the counter to the other.  For a while, we held contests to see whose art piece wins the award for a while, but we have now memorized which piece belongs to whom, so we gave that up. We suspect everything here is stuff that came out of various boxes that the bean didn’t know what to do with.   Kele spotted a head at the other end of the counter yesterday, and we were very concerned about it, so mounted an expedition to check it out.  Turned out to be inanimate.  We thought it was creepy…and Goobie wobbled around for a bit, then fainted. We hauled her back to our base at the other end of the counter where she recovered,Goobie fainted beside the head

We sleep on the counter, too.  Goobie and Smidge called dibs on the wagon, which feels a bit like a bed. Kele and I found a square chunk of wool fabric (we aren’t entirely sure what the Bean did with it) that provides some measure of comfort between us and the hard quartz we sleep on.  All of us are using paper towels for covers.

I hope this is not our forever fate.


Are we ever really moving?

This is getting old.  While we love being with Cousin Pip, we want to see our new house, even if it’s not ready for us.  We are considering picketing, but the Bean hasn’t been around for us to protest in front of her, which makes this pointless and leaves us frustrated.

Meanwhile, we have seen the sun shine, the clouds cover us, the rain drip down, and a lot of each other.

Auntie Glenda reported that our Bean is growing clumsy and keeps spilling things.  We think she needs to be reassured and comforted by her little people – us.  Smidge has said she would gladly don her nursing uniform, and Goobie says she might like to be an apprentice nurse if that would be permitted.  Smidge got on her Pinkmost Cell and learned that Papa John might need some nursing, and so it’s important to Goobie to learn the nursing basics and get back home to help out where she is needed.

But for now, we wait.  And wait. And wait.

Snip (who grows weary of waiting)

Party Central…uh, maybe

Sorry to be delayed posting this week.  We have been having a major-scale, full-on party at Pip’s house.  The Bean left us here for safety (so she claims), and we kind of like it here.  There has been food and fun and possibly some hijinks amid the construction that is ongoing downstairs at her place, while her Bean family’s first floor undergoes a new hardwood flooring plus full kitchen, bath, and family room remodel. We are safe and uninvolved, not to mention that word has it that our house is not even close to ready.  The furniture has not been located, and we rather fear for its safety given reports on the Bean’s furnishings.  Last week, Auntie Glenda pointed out the bear-sized bite out of the side of Bean’s writing desk.  Hmm.  Meanwhile, the Bean is still looking for her original sheets and the feet to the sofa.  She has purchased replacements, but wonders where…

She did communicate to us that we might be going home on Sunday (it is Mother’s Day you know) and she thought it would be nice to celebrate with us since we are the closest thing to kids other than…uh, her kids themselves. But there is a rumor that Uncle GT will be pulling everything out of the POD in order to photograph the damage and better arrange it.  Sounds like much work, so we plan to remain upstairs at Pip Party Central.  Why give up a good thing?

If we find the original sofa feet, someone suggested we could string them together with something between and make a totem for the garden. The Bean said she saw old porcelain doll heads made into planters, so why not totem poles? Sometimes, I worry about how the Bean things. Hopefully, our heads are too small to be of use. Hopefully.



We are here in beautiful Washington, but have not yet been to our own home! True.

The Bean has been unpacking daily, trying to make it safe enough for us to move in and try to help.  She’s afraid one of us might tumble into a box of paper destined to the recyclers, which is horrid to even consider.  She knows best.

We are hanging with Cousin Pip at her place.  She’s excited since she says she never had this many people her size visit before.  But with four extras, it’s a wee bit crowded, small as we are. But we love spending time with Pip and with dear Goobie, who is still with us, having made the journey from VA.  We don’t even wish to consider that she must go home again, but that was the agreement.  We found her a vehicle of transport, but the Bean claims to have misplaced her address.  We don’t believe her, but it does prolong the visit, and we like that part a lot.

Just letting you all know that we are well.

Snip (+ Smidge, Kele, & Goobie)