What a week.  The Bean is glued to the TV, both regular and cable, watching the Kavanaugh hearings.  She says we should not watch because it’s all too terrible for us to watch, being so young and small.

We have a brief bright new light, however.  First, yes, Goobie is home and her Papa remains there as well, with only a brief blip on the hospital radar (a day trip there and back).  We are very happy for them though anxiously await any small, encouraging word of his continued healing.  We wish him the very best.

Meanwhile, we have a new resident. She came about the time Goobie went home.  Bean misses having her own pet since our beloved Wiki-Wiki died last year, and says she does not get to spend enough time with her sweet grand dog, Haley, who lives nearby.  She would love a sweet puppy like Haley, but with walking not being her strong suit, she knows another kitty would be a better choice.  However, we don’t know how Haley would react to a cat, and the last thing the Bean wanted would be to upset Haley, who she adores. She thought she’d reached the final impasse: she could not have a pet.

And then, that changed. The Bean was out shopping with Aunty Glenda, and they were ready to go home when Bean spotted her, sitting quietly on the bottom shelf of an end table against a wall.

The attraction was instant. She was nearly the color of Wiki-Wiki, though more marmalade than Wiki, who was more of an even, warm taffy color.  It didn’t matter: the bond happened, in an instant, just like Super Glue. They were a pair.

She likes the back window in the living room where she can look into the patio garden at the flowers and decorations, see the birds and squirrels, and hear but not see or be reached by Elvis, the terrier next door. Mimi likes her new home, and Bean likes having her around.

Mimi: the perfect pet.

Is it still Friday ANYWHERE?

I seem to be suffering from some sort of time lag.  Ever since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve experienced major confusion regarding the day of the week.  Deep apologies.

The good and the bad news of the week is that Goobie finally departed. We miss her deeply, of course, but the good news is that she arrived safely back in Virginia.  In a strange twist of fate, her Mama had come home from spending her day at the hospital with Goobie’s Papa to attend to something, and so she was there to greet her personally. Goobie was whisked back to sit patiently where she was ready to assist in her Papa’s care (Featured Photo by her Mama). And in even better news, they all made it back home yesterday, Mama, Papa, and Goobie.

We have been a bit sad since Goobie departed.  Our Bean has been occupied with other things, including trying to prepare for her upcoming trip to Branson, MO next month.  She’s attending a Hitty Seminar and Event there, so she’s busy preparing table gifts and checking her luggage capacity and those important details.  She did manage to make her plane reservation, too.  We think we might be staying home. Nothing has been decided yet about us.

Last night, Bean attended the opening of two really nifty art exhibitions at the Kirkland Art Center.  One was titled “Apparitions,” curated by J Gordon (http://kirklandartscenter.org/event/apparitions/), and the other was titled “Spellbound,” curated by Geneva Baldauf (http://kirklandartscenter.org/event/spellbound/). The bean told us the artworks she saw were incredible.  We only got to see what the website showed us, but she said there were other pieces that she wished we could have seen.

Today, Uncle Andrew’s news paper with the article about him and his new bookPoohsticks news article arrived. Actually, it probably came yesterday, but we didn’t get to see it until today. It was a surprise to get it.  He’s smiling in the picture (we know he doesn’t smile for photos usually, so we think he was both humoring the photographer and kinda excited about holding the book) accompanying the article about the book he co-wrote with his muse and twin, Helen, and Bean helped edit. Now we have the book (all nicely signed by The Birch Twins) and the newspaper article too.

I shall try to improve my timing for the future.  Sometimes, the week is simply too short…or something.

Snip out.

Whoa…it’s finally raining!

This week was pretty exciting – we finally had some rain!  This is actually kinda epic since we knew the Pacific Northwest was a dampish area, yet since we arrived in April we have only had one rain (complete with hail) on June 6…until Tuesday.  It only lasted  10 minutes, but wow!  We all rushed to the window to see. With Taelyn’s help, we also managed to muscle Goobie’s box over too.  We think, since she didn’t object, we actually managed to get her right side up. Whew.

Then we had some more rain Thursday, but that only lasted 5 minutes.  Brief.  This morning, it has rained a bit more.  Auntie Glenda assured us it’s normal to not have rain in the summer, but where we come from, that’s not at all normal  All our friends back in VA assure us that there has been more than normal rain back there this summer. Some offered to send some.

And then came Florence…  We are obviously safe here in the PNW, but the East Coast has been on pins and needles with a hurricane that is in no hurry to arrive and can’t quite make up her mind which way to go.  We have Auntie Sara in central Virginia, lots of friends in Tidewater, and Auntie Karla in Charleston, SC. We hardly knew who to worry  about.  And Goobie’s Mama Marie and Papa John live up-river from the VA coast, so she’s been worried too,  hearing the changing forecasts through the cracks in her box.

Now that Florence seems to have made up her mind and her winds have diminished some, we breathed a small sigh of relief for the Tidewater area, but of course Flo continues to wander slowly down the coast at a snail’s pace and still a hurricane.  But she’s big and seems to have brought the entire Atlantic Ocean with her, and she’s pounding NC while she works her way down Coast toward SC.

We think maybe our Bean’s Beanlette in SC may be getting bored.  They have been out of school in Charleston since Tuesday when they reversed lanes on I26 to get people away from the coast. What’s a kid supposed to do?  Fortunately, they have power there and thus far have not been touched to any real extent by Flo. The VA Beanlettes had today off school, and they were pretty excited about their extra day off.  All is calm at their house.

So while we keep watch on the Northwest Coast for more greatly anticipated raindrops to fall down on our little garden and windowpanes, our counterparts on the East Coast may not be so thrilled with their damp.

Be safe everyone.

Who’s that

There we were, just hanging out with Goobie’s box.  It was a nice day, warmish with the sun shining. Let me rephrase: it was a very nice day.  So there we were, just hanging, and suddenly there was a voice behind us that said “Hi.” Naturally, we all turned to look.

A fellow about the height of Kele and me stood there, football tucked under his arm.

“Want to toss a few?” he asked.

We just stared for a while. Who was this and how did he get inside our house.  Well, not our house but the house in which our house lives…and where we live, pretty much on the end table, since we still don’t have our possessions. We thought about going up stairs to just hang out in the empty house, but we sorta like it down here.  More light, more stuff going on.  Like this weird sorta something.

“Who be yu?” Oh Smidge, always the outspoken and brave one, especially when she has a cousin and a friend to back her up. And back her up we did.

“Yeah, dude – who are you?” challenged Kele.

“And what are you doing in our house?”  I was bold enough to ask the obvious.

“Name’s Taelyn. I was displaced from my former abode, so your Bean invited me to live here. She seemed to think I’d fit right in.  What ta ya think?”

It was quiet for a while.  We all processed this news.  If he was displaced, he’d managed to land of the displaced since we are technically displaced too, though we stuck by our Bean. She promised to keep looking for all our stuff, and even said that if it couldn’t be located, she’d get us new stuff.  That’s pretty loyal. Besides, we love her. Shoot, even Goobie in the box loves her.

Guess we processed this a bit too long, because Taelyn spoke again.

“What’s in the box, guys?”

Who,” said Smidge, always correct.  “Who in the box be ma frend, Goobie.” We all nodded.

“You keep your friend in a box?  (pause)  Oh my gosh, she’s not dead is she?!” His face reflected momentary horror.

“Na, she’s just ready for transport, probably like you got here.  She was supposed to go back to her home in Virginia a few weeks ago, but her Papa got sick again, and so he and her Mama Marie were at the hospital and nobody was home. We thought it would be a short time, so we all agreed that it would be best if she just waited in the box. We slide food through the cracks for her.  She’s fine.”

((muffled sounds)) “I’m okay.  Pleased to meet you.”

“Oo…kaaay. Seems sketchy to keep a friend in a box, but she sounds fine. What do you do for fun besides hang out with your friend in a box.”

Kele spoke up.  “Last week we all watched McCain’s three-day funeral services on TV.”

Nobody spoke.  We all looked at Taelyn and he looked back at us. He opened his mouth once, but closed it again.  Finally, he spoke.

“So, tossing the football is out?”