I’m late again (sigh)

It was a challenging week. Bean had a Dr. appt. and we had a new hot water heater, additional cold air return, new super thermostat, and air conditioning installed. Out here in the PNW, most residential properties do not have AC, and to be honest, most of the time don’t need it. However, in the past few years, Global Warming has gifted the area with plenty of 90+ degree days, not to mention the annual August smoke from wildfires from the south and the north. Bean hates heat and has allergies, so AC seemed like a good idea.

During the install, the electrician asked Bean to come out to answer a location question, and she got her first glimpse of the unit. Her jaw dropped to the sidewalk. She had a discussion with the sales rep about being inconspicuous and quiet because of the homeowner’s association rules, yet this unit was the biggest one she ever saw, despite the fact that the prior house’s unit had to service an additional 2,000 sq. feet. She had just seen the one Uncle GT an Auntie Glenda got from the same people, so this was well beyond what she expected to see, and she was rendered speechless (almost). When she brought this up, the installers suggested she call the rep.

Of course he could not be reached, but she left a message. Apparently, there was another option which she had not been given during the initial consult, and it was both quieter and smaller by half. Sure it cost a bit more, but she would have chosen it to begin with had that option been offered. So since the installers said they could get her one that day, she told them to go for it.

Later, the rep came to the house (apparently notified by his supervisor that there was a problem caused by the lack of options given). He offered his sincere apology and gifted us with a second year’s worth of filters (one year came with the unit). Everyone was happy. The install process took two days, partly complicated by the install of the extra cold air return, which required cutting through the new bamboo floors and eating up almost half of a clothing closet in a guest room 😦

But it’s all done now, excepts for duct testing and two inspections, which must be done in order and arranged by the Bean. Testing is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Yay.

The unpacking is slow. First was recovery from the move, then the disarray of AC etc. installation, and now waiting for the Uncle to come help with a cabinet that the dolls in boxes will go into, which is happening today!!

I promise to try to be on time next week.


We’re in!!

The movers came Monday for Phase II of the big move, but of course there are a bunch of little bitty things that the Bean still has to do to complete the move-out. The new garage is kinda scary. There are heaps of boxes and “stuff” everywhere. I can sort of see how she plans to organize, but until things find their homes, it’s your basic chaos.

We suffered a cold snap and learned the furnace suddenly didn’t work. Repair man coming today. It went up to 90 one day, and we didn’t need the furnace then, but it’s cooled off into the 70s/50s so it would be nice to have it working for the cool overnights.

Bean is down to 1.5 closets and cleaning supplies. She de-weeded the patio, swept, and hosed it yesterday, and the rest is in pretty good shape.  We are heading there shortly to make (hopefully) short work of the closets…or as short as we can.

Meanwhile, Bean has signed her sales contract to get the Condo on the market. It’s all moving along. She hopes to take a few days off once things are finally out to recuperate prior to putting the new place together. She claims she’s old and deserves some rest.