When things go wrong…

On Wednesday, Cali pup visited a trainer to see if their group could work with her to keep her safe at Camp.  She loves it there and loves the big big BIG dogs, but she’s so little, she worries they can’t see her. So she jumps at them and barks to get noticed. The staff worries about her safety around the Huskies, Cali’s favorite breed.  We think she secretly hopes she returns as a Huskie in her next life.

There were two dogs present during the interview, a small one that was tethered (apparently doesn’t like other dogs) and a large one that was gorgeous. We would tell you what it was but we’ve already forgotten.  The big dog initiated play time with Cali, and the two had a great time.  Cali thoroughly enjoyed seeing how her entire head fit in the other dog’s mouth.

The trainer’s verdict was that Cali is attempting to play with them, and while the manner of it could be annoying and thus dangerous, there is no way to take the play out of the dog. She did suggest she might do well with regular nap times. Like kids, she suggested Cali might get out of sorts and cranky (read more persistent and insistent) the more worn out she got. Bean hopes nap time will be the answer until she gains some age and maturity. She’s still not a year old.

Then, same day, a call came from the movers reminding Bean of their arrival time on the 4th. And then she dropped the bomb. They would not complete the move in a day and would have to reschedule.  She was a bit off-putting since I could tell the Bean was then a bit out of sorts.  I heard only part of their conversation, but…. Lets just say the Bean demanded to schedule another day and was then told it couldn’t be until the 10th. I think she’s annoyed. Then she took a much needed nap.

Every day seems to bring a new surprise, and we are trying to just take them as they come.  Bean is getting a short break this weekend: tomorrow is her last doll club meeting  until September, and Cali is getting to go to Camp. Hooray.

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