When things go wrong…

On Wednesday, Cali pup visited a trainer to see if their group could work with her to keep her safe at Camp.  She loves it there and loves the big big BIG dogs, but she’s so little, she worries they can’t see her. So she jumps at them and barks to get noticed. The staff worries about her safety around the Huskies, Cali’s favorite breed.  We think she secretly hopes she returns as a Huskie in her next life.

There were two dogs present during the interview, a small one that was tethered (apparently doesn’t like other dogs) and a large one that was gorgeous. We would tell you what it was but we’ve already forgotten.  The big dog initiated play time with Cali, and the two had a great time.  Cali thoroughly enjoyed seeing how her entire head fit in the other dog’s mouth.

The trainer’s verdict was that Cali is attempting to play with them, and while the manner of it could be annoying and thus dangerous, there is no way to take the play out of the dog. She did suggest she might do well with regular nap times. Like kids, she suggested Cali might get out of sorts and cranky (read more persistent and insistent) the more worn out she got. Bean hopes nap time will be the answer until she gains some age and maturity. She’s still not a year old.

Then, same day, a call came from the movers reminding Bean of their arrival time on the 4th. And then she dropped the bomb. They would not complete the move in a day and would have to reschedule.  She was a bit off-putting since I could tell the Bean was then a bit out of sorts.  I heard only part of their conversation, but…. Lets just say the Bean demanded to schedule another day and was then told it couldn’t be until the 10th. I think she’s annoyed. Then she took a much needed nap.

Every day seems to bring a new surprise, and we are trying to just take them as they come.  Bean is getting a short break this weekend: tomorrow is her last doll club meeting  until September, and Cali is getting to go to Camp. Hooray.

Another late-night Friday

The week was so productive, I’ve lost track. Bean is still alternating between panic she won’t and belief that she will finish packing in the next 12 days available to her.  We see things disappearing at a rather alarming rate, but who knows where they are going and what she does with them when they get there. Boxes are everywhere.

After the POD unloading and panic over the vast number of chairs we own, Bean listed 7 matching ones last night on FB Marketplace as well as a vintage mahogany leather-topped pedestal side table. By morning, both listings were spoken for and (cash in Bean’s pocket) are now out of the garage, freeing up valuable space for the Christmas bins when the movers come.

Bean also responded to a survey regarding her thoughts about the Bamboo Store and the Bamboo Installers.  The installers received high praise, the store not so much. But hey, you get what you give.

The Master Bedroom looks almost like a real bedroom.  Took poor Bean days to get the bed made.  It has a memory foam topper on it.  Anyone with memory foam experience knows it weighs a ton.  This one had a full zippered cover on it, but the cover, which was shipped unprotected, was filthy. first order of business was to get it off. Bean won the battle and popped it into the previously untried washer, and then to the dryer.  The moment of truth arrived when it was dry and had to be put back on the foam. Anyone who has tried pulling a thin and at least partially nylon cover over foam of any kind will immediately recognize that the combination of cover and heavy foam did not bode well. Much heaving and flopping of foam, quite a few words we were not supposed to hear, and about an hour later, there was a sign of great relief.  By that time, Bean was exhausted, and simply walked away.

During the process of recognizing the cover to the foam needed cleaning came another moment of recognition: the mattress cover was TRASH. She wadded this up and sent it to the great can in the sky, then ordered another.  It arrived the day after she wrestled the cover back on the foam, so she wrestled it on the bed, and added sheets. But after a zillion trips around the king bed, she again was exhausted. But on the third day,  she added a bedspread, the pillows, and voila! The bed was made and the bedroom was orderly. Three more pieces of furniture will be added when the movers come, but Bean is pleased.  She calls it done and ready to use.

Packing and moving is the daily event.  It’s pretty dull activity, but in the end, it will be done…and then that garage full of unpacked boxes will end up in the doll space where they belong, and the business of unpacking can at last happen.  We dollies look forward to that day since we have been homeless, other than countertops and windowsills, for the past year.  We have high hopes that the exhaustion of packing, moving, and arranging all the small and big loose items will not prevent the Bean from finally unpacking our things from the multitude of boxes they called home for the last year.

Smidge says we should have a giant yard sale and then remodel the Big House.  Hmm.


Moving right along…

Three guys and a big truck showed up at the new house on Thursday. We didn’t need their truck, but we needed the guys who very efficiently unloaded our POD.

So it’s been a year since we last saw the contents of the POD, and we were pretty surprised by what was inside of it.  Things we thought we had donated to a charity prior to moving emerged along with…drum roll please…19 (yes, really – 19) chairs. Please do not ask why we had that many chairs or why we shipped them cross country.  We have no idea on either count. There were two upholstered chairs in there too, but they were expected.  But 19 table chairs?  The bean has photographed them and a forgotten side table to post for sale on FB Marketplace.  Yikes.  The problem is that, in addition to those 19, we had 15 other chairs. If you can add, that comes to a total of 34 chairs. Ridiculous.

But the nice men made short work of the unloading and placement of the furnishings that actually made it into the house, and by 11:30, Cali and Bean were snoozing for a pleasant 2.5 hours in a comfy chair at the Condo with their feet up. Well, all of Cali was up since she was lapping on the Bean.

Today, they emptied two bedroom chests of their contents since the furniture at the condo is not the furniture for the Master at the house, but guest room furnishings. She kept out some things to use for the next few weeks, but the rest is in a dresser already at the house.

Bean says she gets scared every time she thinks about how much is still left to be done, but from our POV, she’s actually done a huge job already and aside from momentary exhaustion on occasion, she doesn’t stop moving or thinking about moving.  The goal is in sight.

She highly recommends Puget Sound Moving, who was recommended to her by Uncle GT.  There’s nothing like a personal recommendation. They will be back June 4 to move all the furnishings from the condo to the house. The end is in sight.


A day late…

They finished our new floors on Wednesday. Bean showed us a photo, and they are pretty. We are so busy with so many things that our days get tangled up, and I missed Friday this week.  Didja miss me? I’ll try to do better, but things are a little crazy right now, so….

Thanks to all my fans who noticed I missed a day.


Another week gone

Poor Bean caught some virus – seemingly cold-related – and has been down for the count since Monday.  Typically, Smidge would be donning her nurse’s uniform and fussing over her, but unfortunately, Uncle GT presented her with a small slot machine he brought home from his archery tournament in Las Vegas, and she’s not only mesmerized by it but by the fact that it’s pink. She can’t resist pink.  Yup, that’s me looking over her shoulder. She said I could play it, but that it’s not my turn yet. Hmm.

Meanwhile, the flooring at the new house was supposed to begin on Wednesday, but got pushed to Thursday.  Then they found that instead of plywood, there was particle board as a top layer.  Fortunately, the Coordinator for the Installers (Bean’s new best friend) phoned a friend and dispatched her men to pick up batch of 1/4″ plywood to put on top, and after only $3,000 and a brief delay. we were back in the install game. Supposedly they will finish the ply with felt today, and on Monday the actual floor can go down.  We are pretty excited.

Aside from that and the pallor of Bean’s illness, nothing going on here except the pull, bell tones, and a series of cherries appearing in a line atop Smidge’s slot machine.