Time’s a wasting

There is nothing like a bit of pressure to push us to greater heights…and hopefully get us to and over the line. But there are times when we push too hard and take on too much, also because of the pressure.

We have a moving date to leaving town, but a full 8 days before said date, the packers will show up and begin the process.  The Bean is thinking that since they start on a Friday, then take the weekend off, she should use that weekend to pack up what she’s taking with her and load the car if she can.  Actually, I believe that she really wants to just leave town and hope they do the rest of it properly without her. But I know she wouldn’t do that.  She’s already talking about getting snacks and drinks to feed the workers and such. Right now, I think she’s just afraid that she won’t have things organized before they show up.

This past Monday was the final Capital City Hitty Club of Virginia, at least with Bean as hostess here at our house.  It will continue on with another person taking the helm in Williamsburg/Yorktown, though we are unsure whether all of those who have been so faithful can continue to come to all the meetings because the new destination will be another hour further from a few of them, and it’s hard to drive three hours to a four-hour meeting (makes for a 10-hour day), even if it only happens once every three months.  But the new leader hopes to bring in a few other people from the local UFDC affiliated doll club that the Bean and several of the others belong to, so…  Maybe the group will split and the ones who will end up too far to come will start a spin-off in the northern part of the state.  That would be excellent.

The good news is that Bean’s son and dearest Daughter-in-Law (Auntie Glenda) will be coming late next month to help give the final push to the finish line before the move.  Gives them a chance to see Auntie Sara and her mini-beans while having a place to stay (our house).  That was last week’s secret, not wanting to overshare before Auntie Glenda could tell Auntie Sara the news herself.  It has been done, and we all look forward to their visit and their help.

Bean had a lovely lunch today with a very old friend – like an almost 30 year friend – and her daughter.  She’s filling her social calendar like nobody’s business.  Everyone wants to say good bye.  She needs to get it done now so that she won’t have to do it right when things get extra “hairy” as she would say.  And she needed the break today too.  She’s got two more farewells scheduled for next week.  Packers arrive, 6 weeks from tomorrow.  Hope she has a very limited supply of friends to lunch and coffee with.

Dolls have been flying out the door, off to their new owners courtesy of the Evil Bay.  Bean says Smidge, Kele, and me are not dolls – we’re just little resin people, so must stick close to her.  We (and the Rurukos) along with the Hittys will be traveling with her on the long drive.

It’s good to feel that special.




Valentine week

Wishing all our friends and family a slightly belated happy Valentine’s Day. Being in the throes of preparing for the big move to the Pacific Northwest, we could easily overlook the days of the week and holidays, but we managed to remember this one.  Since we are leaving here on the 14th of April, Valentine’s Day marked the beginning of the 2 month countdown to departure.  By May, we will have transformed from Virginians to Washingtonians.

We got some very exciting news this week, but because of a promise the Bean made, we can’t share it yet.  But it is great news, and soon we hope that we can tell everyone.  Smidge is jumping up and down with excitement, but that’s all I can say.

Yesterday was Doll Club, one of the Bean’s final two meetings, and Monday is Hitty Club at the house, the final one.  It’s definitely something the Bean will miss.  She hopes to start another Hitty Club in Washington, and she’s already put out feelers for a new UFDC affiliated doll club near our new home out there.

We dollies never realized how much there was to do to prepare for this sort of long distance move.  The Bean’s brain must be in “Exploder Mode” to keep everything straight.  She has set up a new bank account with a nation-wide bank that has a location only a few blocks from the new house.  Her checks with the new address arrived this week, and she’s mailed off the request to have monthly payments for the HOA fees withdrawn automatically and hopes to do the same for the utilities by the end of next week.  She rather easily got her automatic deposit pay from her jobs at the University transferred to the new bank, but it’s a much slower process to get auto deposits switched for her Social Security checks.  She told me that everything feels hard some days, but this one seemed extra hard.  I’m personally impressed she has even thought of these things in advance of the move.  By the time she gets there, it will all be in place and humming along.  Bean says she sometimes lies awake at night and worries she is forgetting something.  I told her she might be forgetting to breathe.

So on we go, pushing to purge and organize ourselves in preparation for the move…only 8.5 weeks to go.

Everyone, please BREATHE!




…on go our lives

The Bean goes through emotional ups and downs. Every day is a new tug of war, it seems.  She has finally secured a worker to do the repairs, mostly small, around the house to ready it for sale … or so she hopes.  He is the fifth one to come and look at the scope of things.  He came highly recommended, and has thus far followed through.  She sorta bribed him with the promise of a recommendation to her Real Estate friend, who is always looking for someone to do work just prior to a house closing.  We shall see.  Wonder if he can do hedges?

There is still no resolution for the outside hedge beheading of last week.  After much arguing with Mr. Bean over the best solution so as not to pay out good money after bad to those who did the deed in the first place, Bean finally threw up her hands and declared she would not speak of it any more: he could figure it out himself. So of course nothing has been done and she’s forced to see it daily from the large kitchen windows.  😦

On Wednesday, Miss Bean took the day off work and helped wrangle stuff out of the attic so it could be reviewed for eBay auction or the yard sale next month.  They sorted a bit more and then packed up boxes with books from a huge case to be taken to the Goodwill.  We should probably get Goodwill medals or something for all we have donated.  This weekend, someone is coming to tote away the patio table and chairs/umbrella. Progress.

Now all this eBay listing is mostly fruitful, but it takes a lot of time to do it, and it makes one heck of a mess in the meantime.  The dining room is full of boxes filled with dolls and some empty but waiting to be utilized for shipping.  Bean has spent many hours taking photos, writing up eBay listings on the computer, and boxing, addressing, and driving to and from the post office.  There is more to come, of course – it really never ends.  And yet, there is a deadline.  That’s probably not helping her stress level.

We (Cousin Smidge, Kele, and I) are pretty well moved into our Big House.  A few minor final touches are probably needed, but we are close to done.  It’s more a matter of neatening things up at this point.  We will sell off Smidge’s apartment and probably my Breadbox.  We will miss our former homes, but it’s best in the long run to say goodbye. New places and adventures await up.

At this point, Smidge, Kele, and I are the Bean’s moral support and therapists.  We will all survive.

To quote Susan from Miracle on 34th Street, “I believe…I believe…I believe….”

The meltdown

Lots of meltdowns this week.  The snow came, the snow melted.  Good riddance, though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, so that means another 6 weeks of winter.  We can’t get out of here fast enough.

But there were other meltdowns.  Bean suffered one that started last week when she accidentally did something she never does – put something in the oven that wasn’t meant to be there and then forgot and melted it down.  There was no room in the dishwasher for her big pots with the huge 4″x19″ silver basket there, and no counter space to put it on , so into the oven….  When the preheat ended several days later, and she stood from the desk to pop dinner in the oven, she could smell it, and then she saw the smoke, and then….  All that was left were pooling blobs of gray, melted polymer stalactites bonding three oven racks together, and a couple of metal pieces. One new silverware basket and 6 hours of labor (times two laborers, Bean and Mr. Bean) later, and it’s almost like it never happened.  But she says she can still recall those toxic fumes.  Ugg. 

Then the estimator from the moving company came.  So are we taking this to the condo or storage?  Do you plan to keep this?  What’s in this drawer (while he opens it)…and this closet…and this cabinet?  How many boxes will this fill after you purge?  Are you even keeping this? Wouldn’t it be better to…? It was all over in two, torture-filled hours that went like that, from basement to third floor and then 3-car garage and carriage house.   And then he came back with cost to ship…sitting? Thankfully, she was when it came in at over $24K. But they will pack every last thing, load it, ship it, and unload it at the condo an into a storage unit out there, not only going all the way across country, but cross country at an angle. It’s a lot.

And that’s when she melted and said there’s not enough time to do the purging and get the house on the market.  She melted for several hours, then realized she simply has to focus first on moving and the house can be sold later.  Her brain just only goes so many ways, and right now she’s back to focusing on her purging, organizing, and her job, because she still works for the University.

The final melt-down happened on Wednesday.  She woke before 8, but didn’t get downstairs till closer to 8:30 when she found a goodly chunk of the shrubs that formed a lovely courtyard at the side of the house was gone.  Like really gone.  The courtyard was truly the best feature of the yard and it was ruined, right before the house was going to hit the market.  The landscapers were apparently VERY confused, and yes, rather quietly had removed two goodly chunks from the beautiful privacy hedge.  No way to put them back.  Mr. Bean was alerted, and he contacted the landscape company owner, who came himself the next morning, shaking his head.  No, this should not have happened.  No way.  He will try to find some replacement shrubs.  Meanwhile, Bean is thinking that maybe he should just cut them all and they should erect a privacy fence instead since no way can replacements grow fast enough.  These may have been planted by the original owners decades ago. Who does this? she asked.  Certainly anyone who does something this horrible should not be calling himself a landscaper – more like a landscalper. It’s criminal.


The above is the new kitchen window view…both looking out and the world looking in.  So much for privacy. And hello neighbors and the postal carrier on the front side. WP_20180131_003

Leaving behind the tall hedges on the sides and corners, front and back, makes it look as if something took a large bite out of the vegetation.  We are all aghast and horrified.

So this was the week of meltdowns.  Perhaps the tragedies are over.  Mostly over.

We can but exercise hope, tolerance, and patience.