2018 is heading your way

This is the year in review…or at least sort of.  Frankly, we never remember what happened, except just bits of it, and often the bad parts, like the great bathroom/office flood of 2017.  A young friend of the Bean’s posted an idea today on Facebook, suggesting you get a jar and, once a week, write down something good that happened that week and then look at them next year on New Year’s day as a way of focusing on the good that happened.  It’s a great idea and fun to do.  Need to hunt up a jar.

Personally, I’ve decided that with the bad comes the good.  The flood happened, but we got a nice newly remodeled bathroom and Bean’s office ceiling got painted, which it needed.  Although Smidge missed Krismiss with us, she’s coming home in the new year. While we will be leaving this home that’s been ours for six and a half years, we’ll be having a cross-country experience, driving to the new condo in Everett and living there.  Hard work, but also tons of fun and togetherness.

Yes, moving is a chore, but we approach moving as an adventure, something to anticipate and enjoy as we get to know our new surroundings, new neighbors, new experiences, and new friends.  Sure, we have a ton to do to prepare for the sale of the house and the move, but it’s all part of a grand adventure that I’m looking forward to.

The good news here is that, during our first week of 2018, Smidge will be home. I know she had a ton of fun and lots of relaxation in the Hawaiian sunshine with her Bestie, Voir de Wizzy, but I missed her, and we now need her to help dig in and make the house ready for sale.  And I’m looking forward to hearing her tales of her time with her Bestie, too.  I live vicariously through them. I heard from the Bean that the trip ran cold and hot and cold again – living in an igloo, basking on a Hawaiian beach, and returning to the igloo.  Hate to tell you, Smidge, but it’s not much warmer here in Virginia than it was on Wintermitten Island, and you’ll sadly be arriving without your Bestie.

So for 2018, my resolution is to enjoy my life and to anticipate the grand and wonderful things that will come my way during the coming year.  And maybe along the way, I’ll even make a new friend. And wouldn’t finding my own Bestie be the greatest adventure?

Happy New Year to one and all.

Now, where’s that “Good Things” jar?


Merry Krismiss! We’ve been hacked!

There we were, minding our own business, and up popped an email from WordPress, saying we were among those who were “compromised.”  Hmm.  They claim “This list was not generated as the result of any exploit on WordPress.com, but rather someone gaining access to the email & password combination you also used on another service.”  Say what?

Well, Merry Krismiss to us, then.

We have suitably changed it, but it does make one wonder on which service we were supposedly hacked if not this one.  It would be so much more useful to know that, now wouldn’t it?  Do we live forever, wondering if it was Facebook?  Was it our other email? Was it…  You see where this is going, right.  A full life of paranoia.  Forever.  We were compromised.

Our Krismiss tree was also compromised – only about a dozen ornaments on it this year and only on the front side.  LOL.  Bean didn’t feel like hauling up boxes from the basement on her own, so this happened?  Still, it’s lit and looks sort of OK from the front.  Sort of.  Hey, it’s up, OK?

Meanwhile, we wait for the other shoe to drop in terms of our compromised situation.  Who will strike next?  And we need our shoes – our family often uses them in place of stockings.  Oh dear.

Merry Krismiss everyone, everywhere.  Aaa-chooooooooooo! Excuse me.

Magic in the air (3)


Returning to our regular column

So with Smidge and Voir off on their grand adventure in Hawaii, I can begin to think about the holidays…hopefully, not alone. I’m sort of assuming the Ruruko clan will invite me over to spend some of the time with them. That way I’ll have company…and speaking of, Dear Daughter (Auntie Sara), her girls, and their gang of Rurukos and Littles will be joining us for our annual pre-Krismiss dinner this year.

The Bean says nobody should have to cook on a holiday if they don’t want to, and she’s declared that Krismiss is her holiday to sit down and put up her feet. Instead, she prepares a big meal for Krismiss Eve and does everything she can for the entire next day ahead.  We do get a nice breakfast as well as delicious leftovers for the rest of the day, so who cares when the food gets made (other than the maker) as long as we are fed!

So the plan is for the family and extended family to show up early, and spend the day playing games together, including the younger Beanettes, dining on something yummy all day long, and opening gifts to each other.  A lovely way to spend the day and evening together, I think.

So Bean announced today that we have a week now to prepare the house (not all the décor is up yet) and buy more foods and wrap the presents and hit the stores for stuff we forgot and let’s not overlook standing in line at the post office….

Yup, nothing to do this week but wait. Wait.

Wait for it…

Open letter to Smidge

Dear Cousin Smidge,

So here I am, in chilly Virginia, while your and your Bestie (Voir de Wizzy) are about to head off to sunny, warm, and wonderful Hawaii.  Did I mention the multiple inches of snow we had last week. 😦

My title picture for this week is a pink Krismiss tree in honor of you two, since you both love pink.  I doubt that there are any pink Krismiss trees there in Hawaii, but I have it on good authority that you have pink striped beach towels, and that may have to do.  I can imagine you, lying on the warm beach sand, listening to the waves with your Bestie.

Since I have no Bestie, I will live vicariously through you and Voir as you enjoy your fabulous and tropical beach vacation, probably not missing the snow one bit.  (((~shiver~)))  I’m sure the adventure will be spectacular, even without me along to entertain you.  It must be so special to have a best friend with whom to go on adventures and just hang out. I don’t know much about that, other than through what you tell me about being with Voir, and what our Bean tells me about hanging with her own Bestie. I’d like to know more, but first I’d have to find a Bestie, which simply hasn’t been in the cards for me.  *sigh*  But I refuse to give up hope. Maybe you can bring one back as a souvenir from Hawaii!  Haha – kidding (but only sort of).

Anyway, since you leave this week, I wanted you and Voir to be able to see this before you go so you’ll know that I’m thinking about you two pals, off on the GRAND Krismiss adventure.

Have fun and don’t worry about a thing – I am in charge here and have everything (mostly … almost) under control.

Love and hugs, cousin Snip


Bean and Auntie Sara spent two days driving back.  Crazy trip, they said.  When they dropped Auntie Glenda, Cousin Pip and Cousin Ammalyn at the airport, they spotted the coveted Mistletoe they’d been dying to get.  So Bean dropped Auntie and her stuff at the terminal, drove around to let Auntie Sara out, but noticed she probably wasn’t tall enough.  She drove back to the terminal and picked up Auntie Glenda and her luggage, dropped her off to assist, and went to buy gas.  She came back, picked up both Aunties and their meager bounty (only one they could reach with Auntie Sara literally picking up Auntie Glenda to get it), and dropped off Auntie Glenda for the second time at the terminal.

Auntie Sara somehow accidentally left Cousin Kestrel and her brother Cooper Herbert not to mention a small hug of Hittys behind at Sky-Vue. They were rescued quickly by Miss Janice who kept them safe and fed until they boarded the Postal Bus on Monday to come home.  They had a rock thrown into the windshield of their rental car, leaving a nice crackled scar, which the rental people didn’t charge her for.  They also got into a wad of truckers rather unexpectedly, and had a State Trooper stop them for speeding (both claimed they were surrounded by trucks and didn’t see the lowered speed signs posted) and the Trooper was kind enough to only issue a warning.  Like wow.

In Tennessee, it started getting dark and they were aimed right at the SUPER MOON.


Like wow! Auntie took about a hundred photos, no kidding. They spent the night in Lenoir City, and arrived home mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Since then, Bean has been listing dolls on eBay (none of us, thankfully), and sorting, cleaning, and organizing like a crazy person to try to get ready to market the house. Did I mention we were moving to Silver Lake in Everett, WA?  The big house has to be sold, and since it’s a downsize from close to 5,000 sq. ft. plus three-car garage and basement to only 1300 or so sq. ft. with one-car but without a basement, it’s going to be a challenge. Auntie came once this week to help and will be back on Sunday, after our snowstorm, and a friend and Auntie will both be over to help next week and the week after.  We are in permanent whirlwind.

I’d help, but really, I’m too small to be of much use.  I shall document their efforts.

Peace to all…be kind to one another.

Snip Herbert, top notch Reporter

The week alone

Smidge, Pinkly, and the Bean left with Auntie Sara on Saturday morning, bound for a week atop the Boston Mts. in Winslow, AR to wood carve.  Smidge reported in Sunday evening to say they had collected Auntie Glenda, Pip, and Amalynn from Ft. Smith, at the bottom of the mountain from a hotel near the airport, and taken them up the mountain where they will be carving for the week. Wizzy, Mr. Wiz, and Voir were there waiting for their arrival. Bean reports the weather is spectacular.

Everything went mostly swimmingly, but poor Wiz had a painful shoulder/neck that prevented her from holding a piece of wood and a knife.  She and Mr. Wiz left Wednesday morning to go home for therapy and pain relieve, taking dear Voir and our Smidge with them.  They arrived safely.

The clan of dragons are coming along nicely.  Today, they get their tails  Tails are important.