This week’s column has been cancelled

My Happy Bean, Cousin Smidge, and I are all in Washington, D.C. at the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) Convention this week.

I’ll be reporting on the goings-on that happen there and posting them nightly to my Facebook page <; where you can hear all about each day’s action-packed adventures.  Smidge will be my eyes, and in constant touch with me from her vantage point in the See-Everything Conveyance (neck Capsule). I’ll be in our room, at the ready.  You won’t miss a single second of our adventures.

So check out my Facebook page, I’ll be back here on August 5.  Catch you then!

Conventions, Conventions, and even more Conventions …

So this past week was the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, and next week is the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA PLUS the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) Convention in Washington, D.C.  We are definitely having conventions…

I got to watch the RNC on TV, but I will only see a little bit of the DNC because this coming week when the Dems are in Philadelphia, I’ll be with my Human Bean and Cousin Smidge in D.C., where we three will be dolling our hearts out.

The UFDC’s theme is “Kindred Spirits,” taken from the book, Anne of Green Gables. And in a way, all three conventions should be filled with Kindred Spirits, though frankly, the RNC didn’t seem to be when they boo’d one of their own invited speakers who they knew wouldn’t endorse. Seems like a double standard – or a major set-up. My Bean says I can’t write any more about that.

She’s right.  We dollies (and our Bean) are not politically involved (other than there are rules and regulations for doll collectors, just as there are for political convention folks).  But truthfully, our plan is to forget about the worldly issues for a time and indulge in retail and visual doll therapy.

Everyone needs some time away from the stresses of reality, and that’s what we plan to be doing for the next week.  So while there is a post this week, letting you know what we will be up to, I will not be posting next week.

I will leave you a little marker before I leave, though, a little sign to let you know I haven’t forgotten you, along with directions to where you can find daily postings on Facebook during the week, assuming you want to keep up with our whatnots and whereabouts.

So check in on Monday, July 25th for that…and then….  Well, you’ll see, maybe.

Meanwhile, have a GREAT week, America.  Peace & Love.

When stuff goes wrong

And boy does stuff go wrong…not just now and then, but a lot of the time.

Poor Auntie Glenda wrote to say that the new marble counters in their master bath remodel were ruined by the counter guys cutting the beautiful slab they picked out upside down or backwards or something…at any rate, cut wrong and ruined so they could not be used.  So they made another trip to the stone yard and picked out another slab…and the cutters ruined that one too, placing the part marked to NOT be used square in the center of the countertop where the flaw couldn’t be hidden.  And this happened AFTER the electricians drilled right through a water pipe that leaked and ruined the ceiling in the downstairs laundry room.

Meanwhile, Bean ordered a REALLY expensive doll from an eBay seller who didn’t have a lot of experience shipping things.  She wanted the doll to be EXTRA safe on her travels, and was advised by a postal clerk without much experience that the safest way was Registered mail.  Safe and slow….very slow.  The poor dolly was shipped out on the 5th but still is nowhere in our vicinity.  We could have driven to Georgia to pick her up several times over.  We are just hoping she will show up before we leave town for an upcoming trip or she risks sitting at the Post Office, languishing until our return.

Today, Smidge and I tested out the See-Everything conveyance, designed to allow a small doll (or two – we are really small) to hang from a nice pink strap around the neck of our Bean so we could see it all at the United Federation of Doll Clubs Convention beginning in a bit over a week from now.  Nope.  We looked like two squashed kids plastered up against a patio door, desperate to get in…or (in our case) out.  My ankle was at a most unnatural angle, Smidge’s right hand was literally turned backwards, and everything was quickly going numb. Plan B: Smidge rides alone in the See-Everything, and I ride in the Capsule where I should still be able to hear.  She will be my eyes since it will be my job to report nightly on the days’ adventures on my Facebook page.

The point is, stuff goes wrong all the time, and all we can really do is simply try to make the best of it. To whine and complain does no good whatsoever, and it can make us feel even worse about whatever happened.  Really, it’s just life, and as someone once said, you get fewer wrinkles from laughing.  Sometimes things just go down a different path than we anticipated, and we have to roll with it, hopefully downhill.

Have a great weekend, everyone: roll on.  🙂

Glowing Season

It’s the time .. of the season
and it’s time for … fireflies.

Whether you call them lightening bugs, glow worms, moon bugs, fireflies, or something else, they have a season.  Their season is summer, and summer is finally here.  The days are long, the kids stay outside late because it’s too hot to sleep, and the skeeters are hungry.  It’s that time of year when every kid demands a jar with a lid to go out and capture these magical creatures called fireflies.  They flit around the edges of yards, in bushes, their little fluorescent behinds flickering in the night as they signal to one another.

I’ve heard that there was, or perhaps still is, a firefly shortage.  There are many reasons proposed including too many humans in the fireflies’ habitat, too many pesticides, or too much light that chases them off.  Personally, I think it could be caused by the expansion in population and the bazillion kids out there, collecting them in jars with lids.  Sure they put holes in the tops of the jars, and sometimes they even include some grasses or twigs for them, but sure as shooting, although the bugs continue to twinkle and light up the night in their bed-side jars, by morning they are out for the count.  Dead as…well, dead fireflies.  Thus, the shortage.

Smart moms and dads will go into their kids’ rooms and return the little phosphorescent buglets to the great outdoors where they dutifully empty the jars of their contents while the wee things are still alive.  Better to believe your captured firefly has escaped than to know it perished because you were selfish and locked it in a jar.  Too sad.

But despite kids and their jars, fireflies are still out there, still casting their glows, lighting up magical summer nights, and making even the most grown up grownup remember a childhood delight.  We all still want to grab our own jars and race through backyards full of biting mosquitoes, just for the sheer pleasure of a firefly’s company.

But who would be so unkind as to hold a fairy captive, leaving it to die of a broken heart?

Not me. Never me.

Be free, little fireflies.  I believe in fairies…  I believe in magic.


It’s the U.S.A.’s birthday!!  Well, not today, but Monday, the 4th of July. Let’s celebrate!

Our personal celebration is taking place on Saturday since that’s the final day we will have Auntie Glenda.  We will have Auntie Sara, Mr. George, and the two Mini Beans here too, along with Cousins Smidge and Pip.  It’s a fun family time before Auntie Glenda and Cousin Pip have to go home on Sunday.  And it’s a great time for us all to be together to celebrate our country’s birthday!

We are “old” – 240 this year, if my calculator was right.  We chose to be a free country long ago in order to provide freedoms for our citizens, including the freedom to worship as we see fit.  Yet for some reason, some citizens feel it’s their right to place their choice of religion and beliefs above others in a sort of back-stepping prejudicial movement.  It’s not so much about actively putting others’ beliefs down but simply elevating their religious beliefs to a more important place when it comes to creating or dismissing laws of the land. Some use their religious beliefs to denigrate others’.

I suppose that on one hand, they could claim that they are simply exercising their right to free speech, their right to express their opinions, but sometimes they seem to go too far, pushing us backwards into an era of discrimination.  Two tenets or rules that are not laws, rights, or freedoms are respect and tolerance.  If we are to all get along and have these great freedoms, we probably need to exercise a greater respect for and tolerance of others’ rights to believe as they choose.  We are all entitled to choose for ourselves and to not be denigrated for our choices.

So this weekend on our 240th birthday, I propose RESPECT and TOLERANCE as the birthday gifts that I would most like to give to my fellow citizens and also to those around the world. Let’s be respectful of one another and more tolerant, perhaps not merely tolerating our differences but celebrating them. They are what make us special.

Celebrate RESPECT, celebrate TOLERANCE, celebrate FAMILY, celebrate July 4!

Celebrate large – hug the world!