We’re in!!

The movers came Monday for Phase II of the big move, but of course there are a bunch of little bitty things that the Bean still has to do to complete the move-out. The new garage is kinda scary. There are heaps of boxes and “stuff” everywhere. I can sort of see how she plans to organize, but until things find their homes, it’s your basic chaos.

We suffered a cold snap and learned the furnace suddenly didn’t work. Repair man coming today. It went up to 90 one day, and we didn’t need the furnace then, but it’s cooled off into the 70s/50s so it would be nice to have it working for the cool overnights.

Bean is down to 1.5 closets and cleaning supplies. She de-weeded the patio, swept, and hosed it yesterday, and the rest is in pretty good shape.  We are heading there shortly to make (hopefully) short work of the closets…or as short as we can.

Meanwhile, Bean has signed her sales contract to get the Condo on the market. It’s all moving along. She hopes to take a few days off once things are finally out to recuperate prior to putting the new place together. She claims she’s old and deserves some rest.



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