We’re home…sort of

We finally made it to the new house, but things are not all welcoming.  We have nothing. It’s all in boxes in the garage, and Bean is too tired of it all to pull it out. Pip is home alone, sniffling because we left en masse, Goobie is stuck here for the foreseeable future due to issues in Virginia that prevent her return, and we are forced to live on the kitchen counter.  Home at last

We found some stuff to entertain us – a giant bin of sidewalk chalk, a desk with no drawers, a wheelbarrow with a rock, and a wagon.  We take turns pulling each other around and wheeling the rock from one end of the counter to the other.  For a while, we held contests to see whose art piece wins the award for a while, but we have now memorized which piece belongs to whom, so we gave that up. We suspect everything here is stuff that came out of various boxes that the bean didn’t know what to do with.   Kele spotted a head at the other end of the counter yesterday, and we were very concerned about it, so mounted an expedition to check it out.  Turned out to be inanimate.  We thought it was creepy…and Goobie wobbled around for a bit, then fainted. We hauled her back to our base at the other end of the counter where she recovered,Goobie fainted beside the head

We sleep on the counter, too.  Goobie and Smidge called dibs on the wagon, which feels a bit like a bed. Kele and I found a square chunk of wool fabric (we aren’t entirely sure what the Bean did with it) that provides some measure of comfort between us and the hard quartz we sleep on.  All of us are using paper towels for covers.

I hope this is not our forever fate.


2 thoughts on “We’re home…sort of

  1. Poor Snip! An’ Smidge! An’ Goobie! An’ Kele! Maybe you outta go back to Pip’s? You know your bean hasn’t forgotten you. It’d be more comfy. An’ Goobie wouldn’t be fainting from heads. I don’t think Pip or Aunty Glenda or Uncle GT or Haley pup kept heads lyin’ about. I know you got campin’ stuff, but it’s all packed up. I could ship out a tent til you find your things. Least you’d have a place to sleep then. Lemme know?


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