Farewell, Senator John McCain

This column is not about us but about Senator John McCain, who died this week after a long battle with brain cancer.

We get so wrapped up in politics sometimes that we need to be reminded to stop pointing fingers at the other party and think about what the individuals represent. John McCain represented the best of the best.  He voted his heart and conscious, voted what he honestly believed was best for the country. I think it was always about integrity and honor for him.

As he was held prisoner in Vietnam, damaged and beaten constantly, he steadfastly refused the offer of release because others had been there before him. The rules of fairness were in play for him. In good conscious, even to relieve his own suffering, he had the integrity and courage to wait his turn. After his return to the States and his recovery, he again devoted himself to service of country, this time in the political arena.

Politics is not a fun place.  I think he believed that, though hard work, dedication, and that same sense of integrity, he could help make a difference in the lives of his fellow Americans.  He voted his conscious. I know people are angry about his thumbs down vote to repeal and replace the ACA, but there was no replacement, and without that, a repeal would have left too many Americans with no care at all.  There is still no replacement for a repeal. Good thing he voted as he did.

He knew how to reach across partisan aisles and had friends on both sides, garnering him the respect of many. He had a sense of duty, but also a sense of humor. And he had a great smile.

To serve the country in our military, be shot down and captured, and then to serve as a senator makes John McCain a man deserving of all our respect. I know his family and close friends will miss him greatly.  I will miss him. Our country needs more people like John McCain.

This week, I salute Senator John McCain.

It’s Friday again?

This week went so fast that it’s barely still Friday!  However, here in the Pacific Northwest, we still have an hour and 15 minutes to go.  I’m golden.

We had guests on Monday for Lunch.  Auntie Glenda and her mom (all the way from West Virginia) were here.  Our Bean’s toe is healing, but she still had some hip issues which we blame on the toe – left foot, right hip – limping on both sides, so she took it easy. She did attend the annual Homeowner’s Association meeting.  That was the true highlight of the week.

People were disgruntled, to say the least.  As the Bean described it, many of the problems could have been solved by showing up to the monthly meetings and reading the newsletter that explained things.  However, there were many complaints (only a couple legitimate ones), and lots of craziness going on with people shouting, implying, making snide remarks, pointing, and some riotous style moments.  She said it was one of those things where you didn’t want to look but couldn’t look away.  She was glad to have escaped.

The building where they meet has large double doors at the front and rear of the main meeting space, and unfortunately we are surrounded by wildfires to the North, East, and South, which all managed to have their smoke blown into our space.  Twice, the bean has felt compelled to go downstairs to make sure nothing in the house was smoldering because what was creeping inside was strong. It caused her to develop a cough which became a deeper cough, and eventually became asthmatic bronchitis.  Lots of inhaler puffs and other medicinal treatments plus a change in the weather have given her a brief respite these past two days, but on Tuesday at the meeting, it was like sitting around a smoky campfire and made Wednesday quite difficult to breathe properly. The weather people deemed the air “unhealthy” for everyone and not just at-risk people.

We stayed inside where it was safe, but gave Goobie a chance to “see” the great outdoors.

Goobie's conveyance looks out the window

Her Papa was well enough that he is back on the home turf in a rehab facility, which gives Mama Marie the comforts of home and friends and a bit of relief that he is in recovery.  We hope it continues, so sending her lots of love and hugs.  I know that Goobie is stretching out her week little arms inside her conveyance to transfer her hug.


Saying goodbye to Goobie…sort of

It’s been a bit of a crazy time.  The Bean is still searching for the furnishings for our house, packed somewhere in some box that is as miss-labeled as all the rest. The junkyard hoarder, whose properly is just outside the condo complex and unfortunately visible to us, was NOT eaten by coyotes after all. We aren’t yet sure if that is good or bad news. And we had news last week that it was time for Goobie to go home to her Mama and Papa, who was home from the hospital at long last.

So we prepared to say our goodbyes.  Goobie took one last ride on our dragon, the Bean rounded up all her things, a conveyance was located, and suitable passage was booked.

Goobie and Soot

We kissed her and her box goodbye and waved at the door as the Bean carried her out to Ruby (her car), parked in the drive outside. There was some sniffling coming from somewhere inside so we didn’t hear the car start.  We did hear the Bean return in minutes, bearing the conveyance containing Goobie. We heard the grumbling as she tapped keys on her cell phone. And then she explained: Ruby wouldn’t start. Behaved very oddly but wouldn’t start, not even a whimper. Dear Uncle GT would come to her rescue at some point, but probably not in time to get Goobie to her passage on time.

She wrote Mama Marie to let her know what had happened, and learned that Mama Marie wasn’t home with Papa after all. Papa had taken a turn for the worse and was back in the hospital! There was nobody home to receive Goobie!

We had a conference and decided that Goobie should remain until we were given clearance to re-book her passage. And then we conferred as to what to do about her while she was here: release her from the conveyance or not. We decided to take the “wait and see” approach.

Goobie, kin you heer us

Smidge: You OK in there Goobie? Kin you hear me?

Goobie: I hear you.  I’m in a most comfy place, but it’s kinda lonely.

Kele: We’ll keep you company.

Then on Monday night, the Bean got clumsy and broke her pinky toe.  Ouch.  She sat around with her foot up, not even able to sew for her Miss Margaret doll since she does a lot of standing when she sews.  We know, sounds odd, but there’s pattern drafting, cutting, lots of up an down ironing….  Auntie Glenda popped by to check on her and visited with Goobie while she was here.

Goobie, you in there

We think Goobie is content, but we know it’s lonely in there, so we try to entertain her, although it’s not easy.


          Snip: A little help here, please.  Heave, I say, heave.  Goobie, you having fun?

So we continue to host (and hoist) Goobie here, waiting and hoping.  And we’re delighted to report that her Papa may be out of the Richmond hospital to which he was transferred and be back in his home turf soon.  We are crossing our fingers for him and Mama Marie, …and for Goobie.

Belated happy birthday, Mama Marie. Goobie sends her love, & we are with you in spirit.happy_birthday_7_IHaSoPg