‘Twas the week after Christmas…

Chaos reigns supreme. Any household with a new young pet will attest to that! Cali arrived on the 20th, visited the Vet on the 21st, and has ruled the house ever since. She had to be started over on her shots because the foster mom didn’t take her back when she should have. The shots must be given a month apart to build the immunity, and the very long gap negated anything gained after the first shot. 😦  So we start again.  The Bean bought into a health care plan for regular Vet maintenance, and then purchased the critical care insurance in case Cali gets a catastrophic illness or injury. This added up to about $115 a month, the same as her Medicare payment. Bean jokes that the dog has better coverage than she does.

Thus far, we have been safely ignored.  This animal is not to be deterred from climbing, much like a toddler.  She moves from floor to soft furniture to end tables with moderate ease. Getting on the sofa and chairs is not super easy since she’s little, but usually after a few failed attempts,  she’s up. And the end table is then an easy trip over the arm of the furniture. We (Smidge, Taelyn, Kele, Pinkly, Saoirse, and I) have been hanging out on the Living Room windowsill. We have a great view from there, inside and out, and as a result, we are quite close to the table located between an easy chair and the sofa.  We were concerned that Cali might take a shine to us, quivering slightly in fear on our ledge, but I suspect RBG with her gavel might just have kept her at bay since Cali never even made the slightest attempt to get at us. Whew.

Bean reports that Cali sleeps all night in her crate without a whimper. There was one day of total teenaged rebellion-style misbehavior from the new fur piece, but it was one day, and today is day three in a row (we hope) of no accidents.  Bean says they are developing a routine, but Cali does suffer from separation anxiety, so there have not yet been any trips to the grocery store. 😦 She went into the crate for about 10 minutes yesterday so the Bean could accomplish something, and she cried and whined and yipped the entire time.  Sigh. Babies are a pain, sometimes.

So we are living the fur baby experience. We did get the coolest Krismiss gift ever from Auntie Sue Thueson. We now have our own Pac-Man machine. It rocks.  Way more fun for us than a fur baby! Thank you, Auntie Sue!! We love you!

Until next week, peeps.  Or next year. 🙂

When Christmas comes early…

We just go with it. Cooper had to go home and Pinkly is sad, but our California Girl, Cali, came home yesterday, and that mad all of us smile. We are cautious around her since puppies are well known to mistake a dollie for a chew toy, but we love seeing her antics.

Bean reports Very Good car behavior and Excellent bed-time manners. We will find out today if she likes Vet visits. 🙂

Four days till Christmas. We wish everyone a wonderful time of family, friends, and the best of your traditions.  But our Christmas came early this year!

Early Christmas

It’s a Wonderful Thing!

Can’t keep it in any longer.  We are adopting!!

She’s a 6-month old terrier mix and beyond adorable.  She’s a rescue, and we expect her to move in with us on the 20th.  Her name was Lelo, but the Bean has declared that we will re-christen her with a new name.  Since she was found on the streets in California, we know she’s a true California Girl, so we’re naming her Cali.  We are beyond excited to bring home our Cali girl!!!

The house stinks

That sounds bad. The house does have, shall we say, scents.  Some are good, like the smell of cooking foods and yummies.  Some are … well, stinky … like sealer, glue, paint, and such. These are the result of some Santa’s workshop projects going on.

The Bean said that gifties need to be mailed out next week to get to the friends and family by Krissmiss.  She and we (even Cooper has helped) are working hard to make it all happen, so it does provide a few olfactory samples.  Sigh.

But soon the odors that aren’t so great will be replaced by the delightful ones of baking, sugar, and savory snacks and treats.  One day at a time.

Only 18 days till X-Mass.