Orlando or bust!

We leave in the morning.  This week has been a flurry of activity.  Naturally, Bean had to wash and dry every item of clothing she owns, a horrid travel ritual repeated prior to every single trip we take ad nauseam.  It’s not as if she’s going to take it all along.  I suspect she believes that, should she accidentally die en route, she didn’t want anyone pawing through the dirty laundry, or something like that.

Also to take were the gifties the Bean brings to pass among the people seated at her tables for lunch and dinner events, plus the final banquet at the doll convention.  It is “convention” to gift people with something, a gesture that is both friendly and sort of fun.  We went a different route this time, avoiding actual gifts and handing out darling little patterned organza bags of candies, and passing out large totes to those at the banquet.  Everyone needs something to drag home all the goodies and new dolls we get there, and we even get a dolly at the banquet itself, so totes are useful items.  If the suitcase is too full, you can drop the rest in the tote and plop a purse on top as an airplane carry-on.

Bean also repaired a Hitty doll for someone who broke the poor thing’s arm…actually, both arms…and will be returning her to said person at the convention.  Poor little Hitty Ginger is back together now with brand spanking newly carved rotating shoulder joints that allow her a great range of movement.  Everything is pegged and pinned in place, no glue needed.  Of course this makes her look like she’s been shot with arrows.  Oops.  Well, those extra pokey-outey things will be trimmed off eventually.  🙂 WP_20170713_008

Smidge and I had to pack, too, of course, and since we are taking Pinkly and Breezy Bear with us, we had quite the haul to assemble.

And as predicted, the temps here in Virginia are down, just in time for us to go south.  Where it’s now probably hotter.  Of course.

As a reminder, I’ll be posting with great frequency once we arrive in Orlando so that all of you who can’t attend UFDC will know what’s up, minute by minute.  OK, not that often, but definitely a minimum of once…maybe twice…a day.  It’s important to follow what we do, right?  I stay in our lovely room, and Smidge relays all the news to me via her pinkmost cell and the room’s phone.  We have a system.  She is in a special pouch around Bean’s neck at the perfect height to see and hear everything. She only looks as if she’s being physically restrained.  LOL.  I guess she is kinda restrained so she won’t fall out.WP_20160714_001

If you aren’t a watcher of my column on FB or WordPress, I’ll also copy to Smidge Herbert’s Facebook page and probably to the Bean’s on FB too.  We must get the word out to everyone!

Farewell until arrival…see you all soon.

Holy hot frijoles!

Just last week I was writing about our heat wave.  Now it’s more like a giant heat zone that some might call an oven.  We are baking, broiling, and steaming in Virginia.  I seriously fear my resin self will melt.  I have warned the Ruruko gang to stay indoors since they are not made of such stern stuff as I, and they literally could suffer an actual and potential phychotic melt-down.  It’s bad.  But what do we do?

Our Adventure Bear, Breezy, chose a nice cup in the ice cube tray to hang out.

Breezy in the freezy

The dollie campground was empty today, and only some dry dust blows through.  You can see the heat waves wafting up from the pavement.  The neighbor’s cat, Henry, is surely hiding under a bush somewhere, too hot to even venture over to beg his portion of cat food, always happily dispensed to him by one of the household.  His family is extremely negligent.  The birds don’t have the energy to tweet or chirp.  I personally can hardly type this column with all the stops to wipe up the drips on the keyboard as I sweat it out.  Even sweating makes me sweat.

Whatever were she thinking when Bean decided to attend the UFDC Convention in Orlando.  Didn’t she understand that’s in Florida, home of extreme heat, humidity, and alligators? Baby Bean was actually born there, so she should know how horrid it would be in late July and August. I imagine that we won’t even have to be cooked to become Gator lunch – one foot out of our air-conditioned rental car and we are toast.

But wait.  I just checked that weather internet site and lo!  It’s cooler there than here!!! And it’s not the dust bowl we are but is raining almost daily there to boot.  Can we please, PLEASE leave tomorrow, not two weeks from now? Please???





We’re having a heat wave

Thank goodness I’m resin or I’d melt in this heat.  Yesterday it was 99 here with a heat index in triple digits.  Well, so this is not a fun zone.

The thought of heading south to Orlando in a couple of weeks makes my internal stringing stretch and sag.  I can only imagine how hot it might be there.  Bean used to live there (youngest Bean Sprout was born in Orlando), so she knows and also dreads the humidity that comes with FL heat.  It’s ugly there, although all interiors are AC-equipped at least, some actually to the point of needing coats to survive.  So outside it’s blazing saddles, and indoors it’s a blizzard.  Crazy stuff.

Auntie Bean lives in the Pacific Northwest where nobody seems to have AC in their homes, despite the annual heat wave that last a week or so.  Those people get all excited when they see the sun, but when it lasts more than a week and produces actual heat and not just light, they aren’t so thrilled.  Fortunately, it’s generally a short-lived experience.  My Bean says no heat wave is short enough for her.  She’s a bit on the hot-house delicate side: too hot is no good and too cold is no good.  She prefers “just right.”  Hard to come by here in central Virginia.

So wherever you are this week, and whatever the weather, just be comfy and safe and just warm enough but be chill.


Saying Goodbye

We had to say goodbye to Auntie Glenda, Cousin Pip, and Cousin Amalynn on Wednesday afternoon.  Everyone was pretty sad.  Smidge and Cousin Kestrel went to the airport with our Bean to say goodbye.  Photobombed by Auntie Glenda

When they came back, they told the rest of us all about it.  There were a few tears.  It’s hard to have them for so long and then have to say goodbye to them.  But they’ll be back.  And Smidge and Kestrel will see them again when they go…oh, I shouldn’t tell secrets.

And then Kestrel and Cooper went home with their Bean last night.  Auntie Sara came to pick them up and help move boxes (we are drowning in boxes moved from the cleaned out house).  One house may be cleared out but now our house isn’t.  Ugh.  Anyway, we had to say goodbye again.  More sadness.  We miss them all. When they left, little Riley must have jumped out of the case because Auntie texted in the middle of the night to report him missing.  Bean promised we would care for him, but now Smidge (after being told she could not keep Riley) wants a dog.  Good Grief!


We are trying to sort out boxes and get organized, but that’s not happening very fast.  The house is full and we can barely pick our way through it, much less begin to organize what’s in it.

In three weeks, Bean, Smidge, and I leave for Orlando and this year’s UFDC Convention. We all went last year.  Smidge has a special pouch Bean wears so Smidge can see everything.  She texts me on her “pinkmost cell,” and I report daily on their doings from our Suite.  OK, it’s just a room, but whatever.  I know my fans will want to read all about the doings there, so I’ll keep reminding you.  And in just over a week after our return. a friend from MN will be visiting, and we will all go to a carving here in Virginia.  So much excitement to look forward to.

But we miss Auntie, Pip, Amalynn, Kestrel, and Cooper.

Family is for loving.