Going on a trip…

I am most excited to report that I’m going on a trip with the Bean…just me and a couple of woodens.  The Bean invited Smidge, but she didn’t want to come, so will hang out at home with Kele and Taelyn. So I’m head kid.  AND I’ll be reporting daily from Branson, MO.

Where are we going?  Well, Branson….duh.  But to a Hitty carving seminar AND a Hitty Retreat, Hitty Aux Arc.  Janet Cordell and Adina Huckins (Denton sisters) are the organizers. I know them from visiting in Arkansas, but all manner of people will be there too, and I’ve only met some of them.  Bean says she’s met nearly all of them, so she’ll introduce me.  I have to ride in a capsule, but not the pink one…too pink. I’m only bringing my laptop so I can post. Keeping it simple. So that’s the upcoming excitement.

But this week at home, the Bean was gone two days to puppy-sit the grand-dog.  Haley got her surgical stitches out on Monday, and positively hates the cone of shame.  She seems to believe that it renders her paralyzed and as hopeless invalid to have it put on her.  The Bean’s theory was that if the incision was healed to the point the vet removed the stitches, then why was the cone necessary? It’s been a tough process.  The pain meds made her loopy, the cone paralyzed her, she was embarrassed by the shaved area, and we think she’s depressed from everyone telling her no-no if she even looks at the wound. The bean hoped to give her respite from the cone by being there so she wouldn’t have to wear it while her Mama & Papa were at work.

Unfortunately, she had to leave at 4:30 yesterday, and both parents were going to be late. Under orders to keep her coned for 3-4 days post stitch removal, the Bean had to install the CONE OF SHAME before leaving.  She apologized as she put it on,  but for her efforts she received the “Et tu, Brute?” look of betrayal, and Bean is feeling horribly guilty and sad.

So maybe it’s a good thing we are leaving town. Reports can be expected starting on Monday Oct. 29.

See y’all in Branson.

So it’s not really Indian Summer after all

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we thought for sure we were experiencing Indian Summer.  It had become rainy and cooler and then suddenly, it was warm and sunny and dry.  Hooray…we thought. Indian summer.

Then our local TV station weather person explained it to us, and sadly we learned that our current October weather didn’t meet the criteria!


What Is an Indian Summer?

Here are criteria for an Indian summer from THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC:

  • As well as being warm, the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky, there is no wind, the barometer is standing high, and the nights are clear and chilly.
  • A moving, cool, shallow polar air mass is converting into a deep, warm, stagnant anticyclone (high pressure) system, which has the effect of causing the haze and large swing in temperature between day and night.
  • The time of occurrence is important: The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost.

The conditions described above must occur between St. Martin’s Day (November 11) and November 20. For over 200 years, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has adhered to the saying, “If All Saints’ (November 1) brings out winter, St. Martin’s brings out Indian summer.”


So it’s definitely not Indian Summer, although we might still pretend. Next week it will no longer be dry or sunny, and probably not too warm either, and it still won’t be Indian Sumner.  However, just today, the same weather person promised us we would not have a very severe winter this year.  Small blessings.

This news regarding our lack of Indian Summer was rather disappointing, but the good news is that at least it is still Autumn with pretty leaves everywhere.

Happy Autumn.



The weekend of the dog

So the Bean left us in favor of her Grand-dog. Sigh.  Yes, it’s true, but she said it was entirely for our own safety.  Smidge still gets the willies when she thinks about the old Leo dog that snatched her, ran away with her, drooled all over her pink hairs, and caused her to drop a foot in the grass. {{{shudder}}}  So staying home was fine with us.

Haley pup has never once tried to snatch us, even though we are often within her reach, but it did seem safer to stay away for the weekend. It’s a long time and she might get ideas. The Bean had a grand time at the pup’s house. They cuddled, played fetch (she returns balls, but not toys), and ate happily together.

Play time and cuddle time are interesting. With toys, it’s keep away.  Not letting any human have her toy, thank you.  She will sleep on toys, if necessary. Play with me

The balls are another matter.  Toss one, and she’s off and running after it, spitting it out upon arrival because she knows that’s the signal to humans to toss another one, but only after you squeak it. And she’s off again.  But once she tires of the game (it’s a lot of running), she tells you she’s done by hiding.  This was the first time Bean witnessed this event, so photographed it for posterity.  Too tired so no more fetching

Since Uncle GT decided he could do some things over at our place after the archery event ended, the Bean popped said pup wearing her harness and tether (seat belt for pups)into the back seat of her car and brought her back here on Sunday evening.  She was a good dog, and just curled up in the back seat like she’s supposed to.

There was nowhere nearby to park when they arrived, and Haley typically hates having to walk wearing her harness, yet she leapt out of the car and practically dragged the bean down the road to the house.  She then danced around the condo like a crazy pup, pulling all her toys from the crock where they are kept for her.  Such a funny puppy.  She was even more excited when her papa showed up.

However, she had to have some minor surgery this week, and is now wearing the cone of shame.  She does not like the cone of shame.  We do not blame her, so our photo of her is during happier times.

We love you, Haley.

Change of Seasons

Auntie Glenda kept telling us that the hot, dry weather would change, and this week it finally did.  We now have the typical Pacific Northwest cool and damp … make that wet … weather. Auntie Glenda was right, not that we ever doubted her.

Bean had to go pick up a small “if it fits it ships” box from the PO on Monday, and as she came out, it was raining.  She checked her cell and it told her that not only was it going to rain again Tuesday, it was going to be about 10 degrees colder.  She opted to skip her stop at the grocery and the local craft store in favor of the bank.  It wouldn’t change anything in that she’d still get wet on Tuesday, but instead of getting wet for a longer period, she could break it up.  She said she wasn’t in the mood to shop, anyway.

But the good news was that she could postpone both the grocery and the craft store until Wednesday … and on Wednesday, it was not predicted to rain.  So she would only get a little wet.

So on Wednesday, she headed first to the craft store but with her grocery list in hand so she could accomplish both errands. Sometimes postponing works.  And she had Tuesday to work on her project for the upcoming Hitty Retreat. Since Monday was October 1, she panicked when she realized she would be leaving in just a short time, and all the projects had to be finished before she left.  Eeek. So she didn’t go to the grocery store.

But we have faith in her. She will finish all of the Hitty projects, despite starving to death while trying, and we know they will be fabulous.  We hope.

BREAKING NEWS!!! First, Bean has still not made it to the grocery (it’s now been pushed to tomorrow’s list) but she’s making progress on the Hitty projects, which she will be packing up tomorrow to take with her on Saturday because (DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!) she has been invited to puppy sit her Granddog, Haley, this weekend.  Haley is so adorable as to be illegal. Anything that sweet, soft, and cuddly is hard to come by, and Bean loves her puppy time with the fur baby. We are all excited for her.


And while the Bean’s away, we dollies will play.  Hope Mimi doesn’t tell on us!