I can see what from where?

It was a busy and difficult week plus, and I was too tired to post last Friday.  The things that go wrong with clearing out a house often have zippo to do with cleaning out a house.  On their first dump run, the men were forced to call roadside assistance to tow the pickup from the dump! They had turned it off when dumping and it wouldn’t start, an ongoing problem since before Ruby three years ago.  They had to push She, Who Shall Not Be Named (pickup’s name) out of the dump because the dump was locking the gate.  Then the scheduled tow never came, so a second tow was dispatched. Three hours later, the Bean collected them from the fix-it shop.

Without the pickup, they decided to rent a moving truck from U-Haul.  There was heated discussion regarding what they needed to rent. Young Mr. GT thought another pickup would do; Mr. Happy said a panel van was more than adequate and covered in case of (and there was much of it) rain; but my Bean insisted that they should get a real moving truck of the smallish variety – 10 ft. – because it not only gave them cover, but they didn’t have to crouch over inside.  They only difference was a slightly higher mileage fee per mile.  They caved: Bean won. Turned out that the greater capacity because of the height also meant fewer trips to the dump, to the house, or to Auntie Sara’s house with some things we’d been saving for her were fewer and fuller.  My bean is so smart.

But on day one or two of the rental truck, Mr. Happy had to call roadside assistance again.  He’d locked the keys in the rental.  And then the next day – or was it the same day? – the days blur somewhat, Ruby suffered from a stutter and go problem.  She just refused to go without a series of stop and go bucking at a stoplight.  The next day, Mr. Happy took her to the repair shop but they said she had to go to the Ford dealer.  So off they went, Mr. Happy driving Ruby with Young Mr. GT following in the newly fixed pickup, She, and her long overdue new fuel pump.  They made it about half way before Ruby simply stopped and refused to go.  Hello, roadside assistance?  We need a tow.  This one came in only 30 minutes. Whew.

Much time was spent on waiting for roadside assistance and less on the actual business of sorting, dumping, gifting to Goodwill, or moving items, but much was accomplished with the help of Young Mr. GT, Auntie Glenda, and Mr. Happy.  I think the Bean directed traffic.  It’s not quite done, but there will be some re-directing and shifting of “stuff” on Monday after a suitable recovery period.  Bean suffered a bent knee issue and back problems during the week, and she’s still trying to get over that.  But they claim they can see Russia from their back yard.  Not sure what that means.

So until next week, I’ll be outside with my binoculars, looking for Russia. They say it’s out there.


And the son is here

He’s Bean’s boy, and he just flew out from Washington State.  He’s going to help Bean and Mr. Bean clear out the spare house and help them get it ready for sale.  Very exciting, and most kind of him since it will be a lot of work and effort on everyone’s part.  The Bean is positively grateful.  She and Boy will begin tomorrow, but will do only a small bit before choosing other options for the day.

So, as of today, we have Bean, Bean Boy, and Auntie Glenda (who calls Bean Boy Mr. GT and Dear and sweet things).  Of course Pip and Amalynn are both here, and Cousin Kestrel has stayed on as well.  We have a full house… almost.  Tomorrow, Mr. Bean (sometimes called Mr. Happy) will be here and everyone will stay for more than a week to help the clean out of the old house.

We are lucky to have them all – Bean says we may need a whole army for that old house.  Auntie Glenda will be here until July 5, and that’s nice, but we will lose the menfolk sooner.  Sad.  We try to be grateful for the time we get with them.

I may have to start working on sorting my stuff too.  Sigh.

A small doll’s work is never really done.


Laissez-faire, lazy, or just right?

Auntie Glenda popped in for four days before she and Pip headed off to visit relatives and friends on Monday.  They will be back in a week (Sunday), but until then, she left Amalynn and Kestral behind, so we have company, assuming Auntie Sara doesn’t come over and gather them up to take with her.

There are plenty of beds in the dorm for them to stay, but the girls are concerned about the lack of proper bedding.  They have managed thus far, but would prefer that the Bean take them shopping for fabrics so they can do it up right.  So far, they’ve gotten no attention from the Bean, who is in cleaning mode (sort of) and refused to stop what she’s doing for fear she’ll never get back to it.  Cleaning is not her thing.  Actually, cleaning is the wrong word.

The correct word should be organizing.  I must say that she is mentally organized – about as mentally organized as they come – but she can’t keep the physical stuff arranged properly or neatly to save her life.  That means she sort of knows where stuff might be, but not exactly where.  It’s like living in a puzzle house where mysteries abound.  It taxes her mentally to try to pull it together to create the perfect system that she imagines, but once she’s worked up her courage to attempt it, she doesn’t want to stop for fear she’ll never …. Yeah, that.  So far she’s “never.”  But that does not deter her from trying.

During Tuesday’s archeological dig, she unearthed an old Chinese fortune – you know, from inside a fortune cookie – that she’d saved.  It teaches you Chinese on one side with lucky numbers and pronounces your fortune on the other.  Her Chinese word was “chéngzi” meaning “orange” (not terribly  useful since it’s one of her least favorite colors), but her favorite/lucky number was among those listed – 37 – don’t ask.

The fortune itself is quite profound and reads, “Grand adventures await those who are willing to turn the corner.”  She quite likes it, and from afar, Auntie Glenda suggested a fortune keeper pendant to hold it.  She sent a link, but it was too costly (are you sitting down?) at over $100.00!  Bean did some sleuthing, and she found one for much less.  She’s trying to decide…  Deciding and organizing are not always her strong suits. OK, she decided.  Let’s see – $103.99 v. $15.98 including shipping.  That was easy.  Done.  Ordered.

She made a list of stuff to do while Auntie Glenda and Pip were away, and by the early afternoon on Tuesday, she’d managed to accomplish the things from Monday’s list and even part of Tuesday’s.  She believes in her list, so she’s temporarily content.  Unfortunately, her enthusiasm faded quickly.

So now it’s Friday and the list still looms rather large.  She took a day off to go sew with her Doll Club people, but Mr. Happy is arriving tonight, and a Hitty Club member plus Auntie Glenda and Pip will be here by Sunday with Hitty Club happening here on Monday. The house isn’t entirely clean, the food is not prepared, and things are not … well, not quite.

Yet the Bean persists in having fun rather than fussing over her list.  The list is still there and she’ll still accomplish much of it, but she is of the opinion that the food will be prepped, the house will be semi-clean though probably not organized, and her friends won’t care what her house looks like because they don’t come to critique her house.

Good thinking, Bean.

Life is about turning those corners.