Glorious Everett, WA

OK, so this photo is not Everett, but it was taken in Washington State. The trip here was quiet since Smidge exhausted herself and her cell phone’s battery while objecting to being stuck in the back of the trunk with Big Spiller, … and I will add that she did that to herself, so…

Four days worth of driving, and we arrived at Pip’s house, which is about to undergo a large first floor remodel starting Monday.  Some has already been done, but all new wood flooring and the kitchen and bath on the first floor is major stuff.  They are putting the appliances in the garage tomorrow, and the first floor toilet is going there on Sunday. Drones are coming to fill the POD with furniture on Saturday.  Bean says the writing is on the wall and we had better make our exit quickly.

Meanwhile, the moving truck delivered our goods on Wednesday. Today, we were delayed getting to the Condo because of work for Bean and Uncle GT.  Bean finished what she could handle, and drove to the house around noon.  Her personal workers showed up within an hour, but Uncle GT was called away again.  Bean and Auntie Glenda persevered.  We (Smidge, Kele, Goobie, and I are not allowed there yet.  Bean says it would be too traumatic.  The condo has furniture, but our house is still empty while the garage is packed to the gills and beyond!  Bean has declared that the pots, pans, and dishes (not to mention the missing bed sheets and feet belonging to the sofa) are vastly more important than our stuff.  I think she is overwrought or something.

So we wait here in Woodinville at Pip’s while she continues to do what she can.  She says it’s coming along,  We hope to see some results soon so we don’t find ourselves under the new flooring at Auntie Glenda’s and Uncle GT’s house.

Photos coming soon.  We hope.

Final day, then on our way

What a week.  Packers, more packers, big strong men to load the truck, furniture, and boxes bound for the Condo, plus more furniture and boxes to the PODS (one at Uncle GT’s and one in the Condo parking lot before hauling off to storage).  We cross our fingers that it all arrives safely.  And that we arrive safely.

It’s always hard to say goodbye.  The Bean has been doing that periodically since the late part of February.  Still, we are now down to the wire, and will leave tomorrow.  This is our final view of the house we called our home, the first and only for many of us.  It was a wonderful home, three floors and a basement, with a Widow’s walk on top and a huge yard. This is where the two nearby Grand Girls played.  This is where the Hitty Club met.  This will cease to be our home today. We hope whoever buys it lives happily ever after in it and is kind to our sweet neighbor cat, Henry, who we loved greatly.

Yes, we are sad to leave our home as well as family and most excellent friends behind.  Smidge would surely be a puddle of tears were it not for the fact that her dear friend Goobie is with us for the journey west.  Though Bean has been too busy to take many photos of the two during the pre-move time, she promises that many will be posted during our journey.  Because while we are sorry to leave, all of us are excited about the adventure and new home.  We have never even seen it, except in pictures, so it will be a thrill for us all.

Kestrel and Cooper came to visit on Sunday, and Bean let us out of hibernation long enough for a good visit with them.  Then it was back into hibernation for the duration.  That’s all of us, sitting on the huge crate that holds our Big House.


We surely will have a wonderful time with friends in Arkansas at the annual spring doll carving.  We know we will be welcomed by Auntie Glenda and Uncle GT in Washington.  We believe we will make lots of new friends in our new neighborhood and eventually in our new Doll Club.  But we will never forget those here who we hold dear in our hearts.  Always.

Thanks to all of you who made Virginia our special place.  Come and visit us, OK?

Snip out (for now)

Beginning the end of the beginning …

We are a swirl of color and motion this week, prepping for the packers who arrive today, and then M-W next week, followed hotly on Thursday by a truck with loaders.  Just making sure everyone is in the proper space is proving difficult.  Smidge has only just packed, and it was hard to contain her – typically, she wants to bring everything, but the Bean reminded her that Goobie was restricted to just one Snack Bag, and so was Smidge.  It’s an overstuffed Snack Bag, but she got everything in it she could.  We boys travel light – just the shirts on our backs.

Tuesday, Auntie Sara came to help again, and they report great progress has been made on the Third floor.  That is almost beyond expectations, though there still is a bit more to be done.

Wednesday, Bean’s Bestie (also a Sara) came.  They smashed down all the left-over cardboard boxes we no longer needed and smushed them into the recycle bin.  They also did a test-fit of things in the car/trunk.  Bean had calculated that some things should be with her at all times, such as the Hittys and, of course, us and the Rurukos.  Bean restricted herself, too: she was allotted 6 banker’s boxes (one with most of the Hittys and her mignonettes) plus a few other smallish containers in the back seat and on the floor; a small cooler and tote with snacks will be on the floor in front of the passenger seat; and we (the privileged ones) will be in a special box on the passenger seat itself.  Bean says she’ll leave the lid open for us during travels so we can climb out and see what’s what.  The trunk is reserved for all her carving tools, the giant suitcase filled with her beloved Dewees Cochran dolls, and her own suitcase, laptop, and pillow. The dashboard is reserved for Bean’s faux glow-in-the-dark rat, Hans, who always travels with her.

Thursday, Auntie Sara came to finish clearing the third floor, to empty cupboards, and help us into the box as she bore away Cousins Kestrel and Cooper.  I believe I saw Pinkly shed a few tears as Cooper left.  The packers today will be doing the dolls, so it’s not safe here for any of us. Time for me to jump into the special travel box and hightail it for the front seat.  It would be horrible to get left in the house where packers ….  It does not bear thinking about.

I’m taking my laptop with me, of course.