FLEE…escape room fun!

On Wednesday evening this week, we went to an escape room game in Redmond, WA called Flee.  Our room was the Museum Heist.  We were the bad guys on one final job to nab a diamond worth hundreds of millions in 50 minutes or less to get out before the alarm went off.

It was melty hot in the tiny room, but Aunty Glenda, Uncle GT, Happy, and Mr. Happy searched the walls, inside things, behind things, under thing.  They found a key and labels and codes, but Mr. Happy was in charge of the write/wipe smart board, and he wrote tiny little notes, complicated by the board treating each character he wrote as if it were written in ink on blotter paper,  causing it to bleed and spread into unreadable gibberish.   Eventually Happy said she would write the code out, they worked to translate it, and got through into the second code-locked room room that felt cooler initially.  However, Uncle GT kept closing the door so he could hear the tumblers in the safe click, so pretty soon it felt like a sauna.  They continued working and searching, noting numbers and a star on a globe, a desk with things inside, as well as locked drawers.

Finally, Happy and Aunt Glenda said it was time to ask for a clue, so they did.  The clue was very helpful in that they bypassed a sort of red herring, and they got another clue by unlocking a box that contained a key and a clue.

The pieces all came together after one more suggestion from our Cluemaster, and a couple of attempts later, the safe was cracked.  Unfortunately, that activated laxer beams across the exit…and set off the alarm. Apparently, it was not supposed to set off the alarm unless we broke one of the beams, but we were just exiting the other room and said alarm was already going off, so the Cluemaster re-set the beams for us, Uncle GT slid under the beams at an appropriate place, and brave Auntie Glenda with her gimpy knee slid under after him.  They pushed the two buttons on opposite sides of the room to deactivate the alarm and beams, and Mr. Happy and Happy walked out with the blue diamond from the safe. They still had a little over 5 minutes to spare.

So they emerged victorious and successful, though sweaty, did the happy dance in front of the Flee wall with sayings in their hands (Happy’s said “Highest IQ here”),  and they were awarded $5 coupons each to return as well as a group puzzle.  T’was a jolly good time!

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This happy event came about via TEAMWORK.  No one of them could have done it without the others. Only teamwork makes it possible!

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