Moving right along…

Three guys and a big truck showed up at the new house on Thursday. We didn’t need their truck, but we needed the guys who very efficiently unloaded our POD.

So it’s been a year since we last saw the contents of the POD, and we were pretty surprised by what was inside of it.  Things we thought we had donated to a charity prior to moving emerged along with…drum roll please…19 (yes, really – 19) chairs. Please do not ask why we had that many chairs or why we shipped them cross country.  We have no idea on either count. There were two upholstered chairs in there too, but they were expected.  But 19 table chairs?  The bean has photographed them and a forgotten side table to post for sale on FB Marketplace.  Yikes.  The problem is that, in addition to those 19, we had 15 other chairs. If you can add, that comes to a total of 34 chairs. Ridiculous.

But the nice men made short work of the unloading and placement of the furnishings that actually made it into the house, and by 11:30, Cali and Bean were snoozing for a pleasant 2.5 hours in a comfy chair at the Condo with their feet up. Well, all of Cali was up since she was lapping on the Bean.

Today, they emptied two bedroom chests of their contents since the furniture at the condo is not the furniture for the Master at the house, but guest room furnishings. She kept out some things to use for the next few weeks, but the rest is in a dresser already at the house.

Bean says she gets scared every time she thinks about how much is still left to be done, but from our POV, she’s actually done a huge job already and aside from momentary exhaustion on occasion, she doesn’t stop moving or thinking about moving.  The goal is in sight.

She highly recommends Puget Sound Moving, who was recommended to her by Uncle GT.  There’s nothing like a personal recommendation. They will be back June 4 to move all the furnishings from the condo to the house. The end is in sight.


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