Another week gone

Poor Bean caught some virus – seemingly cold-related – and has been down for the count since Monday.  Typically, Smidge would be donning her nurse’s uniform and fussing over her, but unfortunately, Uncle GT presented her with a small slot machine he brought home from his archery tournament in Las Vegas, and she’s not only mesmerized by it but by the fact that it’s pink. She can’t resist pink.  Yup, that’s me looking over her shoulder. She said I could play it, but that it’s not my turn yet. Hmm.

Meanwhile, the flooring at the new house was supposed to begin on Wednesday, but got pushed to Thursday.  Then they found that instead of plywood, there was particle board as a top layer.  Fortunately, the Coordinator for the Installers (Bean’s new best friend) phoned a friend and dispatched her men to pick up batch of 1/4″ plywood to put on top, and after only $3,000 and a brief delay. we were back in the install game. Supposedly they will finish the ply with felt today, and on Monday the actual floor can go down.  We are pretty excited.

Aside from that and the pallor of Bean’s illness, nothing going on here except the pull, bell tones, and a series of cherries appearing in a line atop Smidge’s slot machine.

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