Bean schedules everything…EVERYTHING

The question is, can it all be done.  Yesterday was a “free” day, meaning nothing was technically scheduled, yet it was. Bean dropped Cali off at Camp without breakfast. Well, she took the breakfast with her because Cali wasn’t interested at home.  We have discovered she is not a gobble-it-up doggie but a grazer, more like a cat. She’s uninterested in food when Bean drags her out of bed.  Instead, she just wants to curl up in Bean’s lap.  But Bean had stuff to do, so off Cali went with breakfast in a baggie. At pick-up time, she was informed that Cali found her appetite around 2:00. Figures.

All of our weeks seem to be filled with appointments and workers coming to the new house to do something, yet we still feel we are standing still.  Bean packs boxes destined for the new house kitchen, but other things sit, untouched.  We think perhaps it will never get done. It all feels scattered and disorganized.  Wait, that is how it is.  Well, at least we got something right.

The floor people will be tearing out the carpet next Wednesday. That will, at least, be progress.  Now if we can just keep all the dates and times straight, we might be functional…in a year or so.



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