And a good time was had, despite type A

We really did have a good time.  Of  course neither Smidge nor Hitty Jadina, nor I actually got the flu in Arkansas, so we had nothing to complain about. On the other hand, the Bean’s 103 degree temp left her so out of it she couldn’t complain if she wanted to. She rallied after a few doses of Tamiflu, so we all made it back home just fine.  We liked going through Denver and will likely use it as our stop-over in the future.

Of course our Queen Anne didn’t get done, but Bean said she didn’t expect it to be done anyway.  There are too many layers to gesso and paint, even if she’d finished the carving. Legs are still waiting, but not for wishing they were.

Once home, Bean was back to her new sub-contractor position, trying to get all manner of things done for the new digs.  On Monday, the HVAC man came to check out what we needed. We are getting a new hot water heater and central air (plus a new cold air return). We have to sacrifice 8″ of space in a closet for the cold air return that will end up in the upstairs hall ceiling, but Bean said it’s a small price to pay, and it’s in a guest room anyway. The bamboo was also delivered, but they sent it on a huge flatbed instead of a box truck.  The driver said when he brings, it’s curbside delivery only.  The Bean was suitably horrified since it had been raining and more expected. He took pit on her, and used his forklift to shove it into the garage for her.  Nice.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we got to stay home and put up our feet.

Thursday, a man – yes, one man – arrived to “stack” or “fort” the bamboo boards. We don’t know how he did it, but he got all the bamboo boxes upstairs alone.  Each one weighed 85 lbs, and there were something like 70 boxes, but he got the job done in 5 hours.  Sadly, he left all the boxes and wood pallets in a heap in the garage.  Nope.  Not working. Bean called and a nice lady came and took half Thursday afternoon, and the other half the next morning. Yikes.

Friday, after the last of the debris went away, Bean swept the garage clean in preparation for a small delivery from Richmond, which arrived soon after she finished unpacking four boxes of china and glassware. They took the oak dresser upstairs (thankfully) to the master bath. It is supposed to go into the closet, but the closet is having carpet removed and new bamboo laid, so the bathroom seemed like a good place to put it. At least it is nearby.  They had barely gone when the Clean Crawls man came to bid on insulating the ducts that are exposed in the crawl and garage. Bean unpacked two more boxes while he was there. All the people had fun playing with our puppy, Cali, who rolled over to month 10 on Thursday.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Cali’s final Invisible Fence training. She will learn how to bounce open her doggie door and hopefully will stay inside her fenced area and will enjoy the freedom of our large back yard thereafter.  The trainer will also install a “rock” that will be wired to protect a large planning area, ripe for a digger like Cali, and create a loop to keep her in the back yard where Bean can see her. We are pretty excited about this.

We have the rest of the weekend to pack things visible or in the kitchen to haul to the new place. We want to be sure we have things to unpack on Monday when the Clean Crawls people return to do that job.

Yes, there is more, but we shall save that for next week.  We know we can’t get moved until the end of May, but it’s getting closer and closer.  Bean is grateful her old handicapped body is being cooperative. 🙂

So until next week, we bid you all a lovely Easter weekend.

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