Air Trip

Smidge is heading off with the Bean, a Hitty, and two Queen Annes to Arkansas to oversee the birth of a new Queen Anne.

This is an annual spring event as they head to Sky Vue in Winslow.  They have asked me to come along, and I’m considering it, but I worry about the ones who stay behind.  They seem to rely on me, and frankly, if I’m not here, there’s no telling what they might get up to. I have one more day to make up my mind.  The Bean said I should since, come UFDC time, I am required to attend, so I might as well give it a trial run when I’ll only be gone a short time. Hmm, guess I just made up my mind to go along this time.

The new place and all that must be done is beginning to shape up.  The Bean has gas, electric, and water/sewer, the new bamboo flooring has been ordered and hopefully will be delivered shortly after our return, we have new landscapers (Bean loves the name of the company, Sparky Bark), Cali’s Invisible Fence was installed, and she’s on her second week of training. She knows what the flags mean, and if her nose or some other part gets too close, she feels a little tickle (it does not, contrary to popular belief, shock them) or correction as they call it, and she immediately goes the other way.  At home, she has a unit by the back side of the counter with flags all around it, and she avoids it like the plague.  LOL. Bean takes her to the new place daily to walk the perimeter. When we get home from the trip, she will start again and have about a week of this before her, possibly, final training that will teach her to open her doggie door (her collar unlocks it, but she has to learn to push through. They are also installing a new “rock” (a separate device they will wire up to keep her out of a large planting area) and making a loop that prevents her from going directly from the back to the front yard where I won’t be able to see her.  She can still go out the front door, but will be contained even so. It’s a great system that lets her run freely but not get lost or hurt if she made it to the road.

When we return, we have an appointment for someone to come and provide estimates for several things that still need doing, as well as install Central AC.  In the Pacific North West, not a lot of homes have AC because it’s only needed for cooling now and then.  However, the Bean has allergies, and AC also filters the air to keep out the month-long-smoke from fires burning in CA, OR, and B.C.  It made her quite ill last year, an part of the smoke came in during the 90-degree heat wave when windows had to be open with fans running to cool things down. Bean is saving the worst repair for last –  a new roof on the shed whose current shingles outlived their lifespan about 10 years ago, by the looks of things.

So Cali goes to Camp Happy Paws tomorrow, the Bean and we pack, and our flight leaves at 6AM on Sunday morning.  Ugg.  I may have to stay awake all night to be sure that everyone else wakes up!!

I’ll try to keep you posted from AR, but if so, it will NOT be through the column but on my Facebook page,



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