One more week…

The countdown is on. By next week, we will be the proud owners of a new home here in Washington State. Everyone is all a-twitter. We have not seen the house itself yet, just photos, so it will be exciting for us. We are not certain if the Bean will allow one of us to visit next week or not, but she will tell us all about it. We hope.

She has been on the phone all week, making arrangements for repairs, installations, etc. including the flooring people, a Plumber, the HVAC people, the Invisible Fence people, the utilities (gas, electric, water, etc.), and of course with the real estate agent. She’s also made arrangements for the Pup to spend the night at Camp on Closing day so she can meet with repair people on Friday at the crack of dawn without distractions.

She was happily reminded that Auntie Sara from VA will be on the West Coast the following week. Pinkly is beside herself anxious to know whether Cooper will come with her. She’s smitten, you know…we all know. Sigh. Love is tricky business long distance.

Bean says it was a great relief to have sold our former home and, while she will miss it greatly because it truly felt like home to her, she has moved on and reminded us that we must move on also. The Condo is quite nice, but it didn’t feel much like home since we never got ourselves unpacked.  Our house sat empty. Smidge says she wants to redecorate it – get new furniture and such. Her friend Goobie sent her a lovely hinged photo of the two of them, and she said it was her inspiration for a new décor, though truth be told, she had already begun the renovation by purchasing a new bed for herself.

Smidge on her bed with Goobie gift

She probably thought we wouldn’t notice she had done that, but it’s sitting on the kitchen table, so it’s rather obvious. And she keeps lounging on it with Pinkly and Hitty Jadina. She’s making herself at home without actually having a home right now. Smidge knows how to make do.

Also on the horizon is the Spring (Vernal) Equinox when day and night are balanced, 12 hours each. This occurs here at 2:58 pm PDT on Wednesday, March 20. This is a time of  “new beginnings,” and it is most auspicious that it will occur right before the new house closes the following day. We welcome spring after the worst winter in our recent memory, and certainly we experienced the most snowfall totals the Pacific Northwest has had in decades.

The Vernal Equinox warms not only the soil, but our hearts as well. We look forward to the new season and what it will bring to us.

We just hope that, before the Summer Solstice, we are moved…and unpacked!


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