Our Week and Weather in review

First we had sun. Then we had snow. Then we had rain, Then we had more snow. Then we had hail. Now we are back to sun. That is all.

Bye-bye to Noble House.  We shall miss her, our first home. That happened yesterday.

We are organizing here at the condo, sorting through stuff in drawers, the garage, etc. Bean says learning to organize is important, so although we don’t love the process, we are doing it all the same.

We suffered a small setback in moving to the new house.  The bamboo flooring the Bean is having laid in the new house probably has to be ordered since it’s unlikely they will have that much flooring in their warehouse.  Then it needs to be delivered, “forted” (something about opening all boxes and laying it out so air circulates), and acclimated to the house for two weeks prior to being laid. And someone has to rip out the carpet. That means it’s gonna take a lot of time. There will be no sudden moves in our future, and so we are likely to live on the windowsill in the condo until May. Sigh. We aren’t homeless, but we do seem live in limbo.

Shout-out to our friend Goobie Scopel whose Papa’s health is finally improving. We love and miss you, Goobs. smiley-waving-hand-18806318

Two weeks to house closing. We shall carry on.


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