Friday again?

Probably everyone has noticed how time seems to sometimes move quickly and yet, at other times, it seems to stand still? Such an odd phenomenon. Even odder is when it seems to do both at the same time!

Suddenly, it’s March, but still cold like winter here in the PNW. We have consistently been about 10 degrees below normal, and we can only hope it will be more typical soon. We are in many ways shocked that in less than a week, our old house in VA will close and we will no more own it. It was a lovely home, the only one we had ever known, so it’s sad to have to say goodbye. Farewell Noble house. We will miss you but cherish the memories. We hope your new family loves you as we did.


Even more shocking in some ways is that we moved here nearly a year ago. That long ago? It feels like yesterday and forever ago, all at the same time.  And then about a month ago, Bean announced we were moving again. What? We haven’t finished unpacking yet! Are we on some moving merry-go-round?

So now we are in moving limbo.  There is nowhere in our smallish condo to put packed boxes (the reason all the unpacked boxes are in the garage and ready to move on) so we can’t really pack or ferry things to the new house, which is so close we could be neighbors to ourselves. And we don’t close on that house for another three weeks. Why is it that a mere three weeks suddenly feels like forever.

And it gets worse.  Bean is having the 2nd floor carpet ripped out and replaced with bamboo flooring, so even after we close, we can’t move ourselves or our stuff in. And two weeks after we close, Smidge and Bean head off on a carving trip. Oh my. I don’t think the Rurukos, Taelyn, Kele, and myself will be able to move things in their absence. So more limbo. We are now at a total standstill with time stopped while we wait.

Time is not on our side – or then again, we seem to have more of it than we need. Sigh.

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