A week without snow

We are extremely grateful that most of our snow is gone.  There are some remaining bits here and there, but it’s mostly gone from the patio (Uncle GT shoveled a lot). The road through the complex still has piles of the stuff, but we don’t have to look at it unless we go out, so we pretend it’s gone.

The Bean is busy making list upon list of people to call, furniture placements, repairs to be done, etc. Moving is a pain. She’s shipping Cali off to Doggie Daycare (Camp Happy Paws) tomorrow so she can sort out the garage and whatever else she has energy to get done. The boxes out there used to reach to the ceiling, so she’s probably unpacked more than a third of them.  However, there are still a ton left that will just get moved as is.  Most are books and dolls.  Of course Smidge, the Ruruko family, and myself (along with all the Hittys) were in a witness protection program that allowed us to travel with the Bean and come out of hibernation immediately upon arrival in WA.  The rest… well, not so lucky.  The Dewees Cochrans also made it out of their giant suitcase and bubble wrap, as did a couple of My Size Barbies, who were very vocal and had to be removed from their boxes to stop their howling. Now we are all moving again before we even found all our furniture and other stuff, not to mention the rest of the dollies. It’s exciting, but also a bit depressing.  Bean promises this move will be better and we will get our stuff back sooner by moving than by staying since the boxes with out stuff (Smidge is constantly whining about her large pink clothing case which has yet to be located) will all be in the same room on the same house level as our house! Yay!! Promising, but this is still in the future since the closing won’t occur until almost the end of March.

Bean says maybe we will be out of the condo and into the house by the end of April. She emphasizes the word “maybe.”

Is that like “maybe no more snow this season”?


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