Tuesday, week 2

This all started on Sunday, Feb 3, and four storms later, here we are.  It was bad,  The bean shoveled daily for Cali, sometime three times a day. It didn’t stop here until Tuesday afternoon, February 12 (this week’s main photo). Truthfully, we thought it would never end. And now we are wondering if it will ever melt.

They have plows in Washington, but they don’t plow any secondary roads, and our condo complex does not plow the road running through it.  We were (and are still) in the deep. Everywhere it’s white, with touches or pavement or colors of vehicles peeking through.  We can now see Ruby, but not even the truck near her has gone anywhere since this mess.  They are parked in the “shallow” zone.  A few more feet further back it’s much deeper,

valentine's day

It was 44 and sunny today, for which we are grateful. It will, hopefully enforce the melt-down.  The roof rained so much today that Cali, who does not like rain, thought that her formerly white space was better than rain. We had to carry her past the waterfall. The gutter was open and gurgling, but there was so much snow on the dark roof that was trying hard to melt that there was no place for all the water to go quickly, so it just poured off the edge.

We are hoping that it will all melt and we can feel normal again.

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