Good Grief

OK, y’all remember we moved to the Pacific North West just last April.  Bean has yet to unpack all the dolls in hibernation in boxes or our furniture, though we do have the empty house. Mostly we hang on a window ledge.  We’re kind of addicted to the PacMan game Auntie Sue Thueson gave us for Christmas.

And then Bean dropped the bomb on us.  We are moving again!  WHAT!!!!????

Yup.  Mr. is finally retiring this year, and this condo is not big enough for him and little ol’ me. So they decided to buy a house.  Fortunately, it’s nearby (only .7 miles and quite literally down the road), so this move involves three guys and a truck…and the Bean’s car.  LOL.

Bean is delighted and claims it was her foresight and cleverness that prevented her from  unpacking all those boxes that still fill the garage, and I quote, “Look how much is already packed up and ready to go. Major timesaver!”  There is that.

In other good news, we will have a lot more space to spread out in the new place, Cali puppy will have a big yard to run in, and the Bean and Mister will also have plenty of space.  Smidge is eyeing the big rock pictured in the back yard. I suspect she sees it as a challenge or a new place to put a tent for camping

Meanwhile, the Beans allowed the Richmond house listing to expire so the they could do some work inside before relisting. An in a bizarre twist, they received an offer on the expired listing the same day they made an offer on the new house here. This week, inspections on the two homes also took place on the same date.  Like I said, bizarre.  Closing in VA is early March, and closing out here is late March.  Bean says her head spins with signing all the electronic documents associated with a home sale and a purchase.

We are grateful that the only thing we have to do is jump in capsules and consign our PacMan machine to transport.

On the road again…just can’t wait to get on the road again….

4 thoughts on “Good Grief

      1. [Snip] Wow – that is a long time. We think that we will meet with greater success. Or at least so we fantasize. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

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