Cold and rainy comes with the territory, but slow and unwilling …

It’s no fun at all having to go outside with a dog that diddles about and can’t make up her mind and is completely, utterly, and totally distracted by everything and everyone. Bean says she barks at other dogs, but only till she meets them.  People she likes.  Mostly she barks at the air and signposts.  Weird.

And so naturally, it is miserable out with the cold, wind, and rain.  When said puppy takes 50 minutes to decided, choses no, then comes back to do it on the rug, the Bean is wet, cold, and ultra unhappy. She resolved to be ultra vigilant, and it’s been much better since she decided to use the patio instead of walking. This has made a big difference in the housebreaking and for the Bean’s state of mind.  Cali still suffers greatly from separation anxiety, but she’s making improvements, so we will accept the small successes.

We follow Cali’s progress with great interest since progress makes the Bean happy. We like her that way.

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