The absolute end of November

It’s official – it’s the Christmas season!  Farewell pumpkins, autumn leaves, and gobbling turkeys, but hello Santa!

Bean is mostly recovered now, and she celebrated with Mr. Bean and Jr. Bean, who all went to the Verizon Store on Black Friday to get new phones.  Bean loves her Pixel 3, though at times still struggles with certain functions.  She says it works great and is “pretty,” thanks to the addition of a cool protective case in pink and grey.


We are delighted to be hosting Elizabeth “Pinkly” Pinkerton’s good friend, Cooper Herbert. He’s only here for a few weeks, but has already proved most useful, helping to haul in the stones from Scar’s fountain. It was a big job.  He claims to feel right at home because of one of the other Ruruko girls, Saoirse, aka “Identa-Cousin,”  so called because she looks nearly identical to Cooper’s twin, Kestrel. Saoirse and Kestrel also had on  nearly identical sneakers. Saoirse says Kestrel’s were way cooler – Converse!


We are all now busy going over wish lists, making gifts and searching for them online when they can’t be created.

‘Tis the season.


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