Family week in the Pacific Northwest

First of all, Cooper came and so Pinkly and he were very happy together. He brought her a pretty pink ribbon.

Cooper and Pinkley

The Identa-Cousins met for the first time.  Saoirse on the right in white blouse, and her cousin Kestrel two her left.


On Wednesday, we went into Seattle and visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Pretty awesome.  A small selection of photos follow.

We visited the Pacific Science Center, which was hands-on for kids and big kids (hehe).  Bean really liked the Naked Mole Rats. We could not touch the critters or the cool large albino corn snake, but Naked Mole Rats are colonies, like bees, with a queen who produces the babies and workers, one of which was industriously creating a new nest during the visit.


There was also brain touching.  Awesome.  It was a sheep’s brain, and we now know why sheep aren’t the smartest animal in the barn. Check the size (and yes, it was an adult sheep).

Thanksgiving was pretty tasty and awesome.  Never had dessert (pumpkin and cherry pie) because someone was too full of turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, cheesy cauliflower, sweet potato casserole with some sort of awesome topping, green bean casserole, and rolls.


Today, Black Friday, the Bean, Mr. Bean, and Bean Son all went to the Verizon store and bought new phones.  Son got a Samsung Note 9 and the Bean and Mr. got Pixel 3 phones.  Everyone seems happy.

We have only another day and a half with the visitors, but there is one more big activity and potential games to be played.  A week never seems to last as long as we’d like.

Happy Thanksgiving Week to one and all….now, let the Krissmiss season begin!

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