Yesterday, Mr. Happy showed up, and tomorrow Auntie Sara and the Beanettes will arrive for the full week of Thanksgiving.  Typically, we go to a beach house every other year, but made a switch this year in part so the family could see our new digs.  Actually, Mr. Happy has seen Auntie Glenda and Uncle GT’s house, but nobody else has, and nobody has seen ours, so there is much to see and do.  As always, my Bean and Auntie Glenda have probably over-planned things.  At least nobody will lack for activity time!

We are all moving into Auntie Glenda and Uncle GT’s house for the week starting Saturday, but there will be a mid-week tea and sewing event at the Bean’s for the girls. We don’t know what the men and I will do.  We’ll think of something. It’s going to be a true crowd!

We are also eagerly awaiting the outcome of tonight’s Archery Team competition in which Uncle GT will be participating. I’ll try to do some special posts throughout this entire week on my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/snipherbertBJD/

I’m ultra excited to also see some of my cousins from VA.  So much excitement.  Only Auntie Karla and her wee (and not so wee) Beans will be absent this year.  It was her announcement last year telling us she wouldn’t be at the bi-annual event that spawned this one. But they will be missed. We hope they have a great time too.  Maybe we’ll see some photos of their doings.

Snip (I’m so excited!!!)


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