The weekend of the dog

So the Bean left us in favor of her Grand-dog. Sigh.  Yes, it’s true, but she said it was entirely for our own safety.  Smidge still gets the willies when she thinks about the old Leo dog that snatched her, ran away with her, drooled all over her pink hairs, and caused her to drop a foot in the grass. {{{shudder}}}  So staying home was fine with us.

Haley pup has never once tried to snatch us, even though we are often within her reach, but it did seem safer to stay away for the weekend. It’s a long time and she might get ideas. The Bean had a grand time at the pup’s house. They cuddled, played fetch (she returns balls, but not toys), and ate happily together.

Play time and cuddle time are interesting. With toys, it’s keep away.  Not letting any human have her toy, thank you.  She will sleep on toys, if necessary. Play with me

The balls are another matter.  Toss one, and she’s off and running after it, spitting it out upon arrival because she knows that’s the signal to humans to toss another one, but only after you squeak it. And she’s off again.  But once she tires of the game (it’s a lot of running), she tells you she’s done by hiding.  This was the first time Bean witnessed this event, so photographed it for posterity.  Too tired so no more fetching

Since Uncle GT decided he could do some things over at our place after the archery event ended, the Bean popped said pup wearing her harness and tether (seat belt for pups)into the back seat of her car and brought her back here on Sunday evening.  She was a good dog, and just curled up in the back seat like she’s supposed to.

There was nowhere nearby to park when they arrived, and Haley typically hates having to walk wearing her harness, yet she leapt out of the car and practically dragged the bean down the road to the house.  She then danced around the condo like a crazy pup, pulling all her toys from the crock where they are kept for her.  Such a funny puppy.  She was even more excited when her papa showed up.

However, she had to have some minor surgery this week, and is now wearing the cone of shame.  She does not like the cone of shame.  We do not blame her, so our photo of her is during happier times.

We love you, Haley.

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