Change of Seasons

Auntie Glenda kept telling us that the hot, dry weather would change, and this week it finally did.  We now have the typical Pacific Northwest cool and damp … make that wet … weather. Auntie Glenda was right, not that we ever doubted her.

Bean had to go pick up a small “if it fits it ships” box from the PO on Monday, and as she came out, it was raining.  She checked her cell and it told her that not only was it going to rain again Tuesday, it was going to be about 10 degrees colder.  She opted to skip her stop at the grocery and the local craft store in favor of the bank.  It wouldn’t change anything in that she’d still get wet on Tuesday, but instead of getting wet for a longer period, she could break it up.  She said she wasn’t in the mood to shop, anyway.

But the good news was that she could postpone both the grocery and the craft store until Wednesday … and on Wednesday, it was not predicted to rain.  So she would only get a little wet.

So on Wednesday, she headed first to the craft store but with her grocery list in hand so she could accomplish both errands. Sometimes postponing works.  And she had Tuesday to work on her project for the upcoming Hitty Retreat. Since Monday was October 1, she panicked when she realized she would be leaving in just a short time, and all the projects had to be finished before she left.  Eeek. So she didn’t go to the grocery store.

But we have faith in her. She will finish all of the Hitty projects, despite starving to death while trying, and we know they will be fabulous.  We hope.

BREAKING NEWS!!! First, Bean has still not made it to the grocery (it’s now been pushed to tomorrow’s list) but she’s making progress on the Hitty projects, which she will be packing up tomorrow to take with her on Saturday because (DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!) she has been invited to puppy sit her Granddog, Haley, this weekend.  Haley is so adorable as to be illegal. Anything that sweet, soft, and cuddly is hard to come by, and Bean loves her puppy time with the fur baby. We are all excited for her.


And while the Bean’s away, we dollies will play.  Hope Mimi doesn’t tell on us!


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