What a week.  The Bean is glued to the TV, both regular and cable, watching the Kavanaugh hearings.  She says we should not watch because it’s all too terrible for us to watch, being so young and small.

We have a brief bright new light, however.  First, yes, Goobie is home and her Papa remains there as well, with only a brief blip on the hospital radar (a day trip there and back).  We are very happy for them though anxiously await any small, encouraging word of his continued healing.  We wish him the very best.

Meanwhile, we have a new resident. She came about the time Goobie went home.  Bean misses having her own pet since our beloved Wiki-Wiki died last year, and says she does not get to spend enough time with her sweet grand dog, Haley, who lives nearby.  She would love a sweet puppy like Haley, but with walking not being her strong suit, she knows another kitty would be a better choice.  However, we don’t know how Haley would react to a cat, and the last thing the Bean wanted would be to upset Haley, who she adores. She thought she’d reached the final impasse: she could not have a pet.

And then, that changed. The Bean was out shopping with Aunty Glenda, and they were ready to go home when Bean spotted her, sitting quietly on the bottom shelf of an end table against a wall.

The attraction was instant. She was nearly the color of Wiki-Wiki, though more marmalade than Wiki, who was more of an even, warm taffy color.  It didn’t matter: the bond happened, in an instant, just like Super Glue. They were a pair.

She likes the back window in the living room where she can look into the patio garden at the flowers and decorations, see the birds and squirrels, and hear but not see or be reached by Elvis, the terrier next door. Mimi likes her new home, and Bean likes having her around.

Mimi: the perfect pet.

2 thoughts on “Mimi

  1. She’s pretty real looking! And Unfortunately I watched all the proceedings also. All I can say to anyone who watched, is be careful how you judge both victims unless you have yourself walked in their shoes! Easy to take a side with that frenzy if you never have…..

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    1. She’s rabbit fur. So soft, and as you say, very real looking. A good option for me. Easy care, no vet. I’m pleased they chose to do an FBI investigation. If he ascends to the bench, nobody can claim they didn’t do everything they could. And if not, maybe it isn’t meant to be. I feel sorry for everyone in all of this mess.


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