Is it still Friday ANYWHERE?

I seem to be suffering from some sort of time lag.  Ever since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve experienced major confusion regarding the day of the week.  Deep apologies.

The good and the bad news of the week is that Goobie finally departed. We miss her deeply, of course, but the good news is that she arrived safely back in Virginia.  In a strange twist of fate, her Mama had come home from spending her day at the hospital with Goobie’s Papa to attend to something, and so she was there to greet her personally. Goobie was whisked back to sit patiently where she was ready to assist in her Papa’s care (Featured Photo by her Mama). And in even better news, they all made it back home yesterday, Mama, Papa, and Goobie.

We have been a bit sad since Goobie departed.  Our Bean has been occupied with other things, including trying to prepare for her upcoming trip to Branson, MO next month.  She’s attending a Hitty Seminar and Event there, so she’s busy preparing table gifts and checking her luggage capacity and those important details.  She did manage to make her plane reservation, too.  We think we might be staying home. Nothing has been decided yet about us.

Last night, Bean attended the opening of two really nifty art exhibitions at the Kirkland Art Center.  One was titled “Apparitions,” curated by J Gordon (, and the other was titled “Spellbound,” curated by Geneva Baldauf ( The bean told us the artworks she saw were incredible.  We only got to see what the website showed us, but she said there were other pieces that she wished we could have seen.

Today, Uncle Andrew’s news paper with the article about him and his new bookPoohsticks news article arrived. Actually, it probably came yesterday, but we didn’t get to see it until today. It was a surprise to get it.  He’s smiling in the picture (we know he doesn’t smile for photos usually, so we think he was both humoring the photographer and kinda excited about holding the book) accompanying the article about the book he co-wrote with his muse and twin, Helen, and Bean helped edit. Now we have the book (all nicely signed by The Birch Twins) and the newspaper article too.

I shall try to improve my timing for the future.  Sometimes, the week is simply too short…or something.

Snip out.

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