Whoa…it’s finally raining!

This week was pretty exciting – we finally had some rain!  This is actually kinda epic since we knew the Pacific Northwest was a dampish area, yet since we arrived in April we have only had one rain (complete with hail) on June 6…until Tuesday.  It only lasted  10 minutes, but wow!  We all rushed to the window to see. With Taelyn’s help, we also managed to muscle Goobie’s box over too.  We think, since she didn’t object, we actually managed to get her right side up. Whew.

Then we had some more rain Thursday, but that only lasted 5 minutes.  Brief.  This morning, it has rained a bit more.  Auntie Glenda assured us it’s normal to not have rain in the summer, but where we come from, that’s not at all normal  All our friends back in VA assure us that there has been more than normal rain back there this summer. Some offered to send some.

And then came Florence…  We are obviously safe here in the PNW, but the East Coast has been on pins and needles with a hurricane that is in no hurry to arrive and can’t quite make up her mind which way to go.  We have Auntie Sara in central Virginia, lots of friends in Tidewater, and Auntie Karla in Charleston, SC. We hardly knew who to worry  about.  And Goobie’s Mama Marie and Papa John live up-river from the VA coast, so she’s been worried too,  hearing the changing forecasts through the cracks in her box.

Now that Florence seems to have made up her mind and her winds have diminished some, we breathed a small sigh of relief for the Tidewater area, but of course Flo continues to wander slowly down the coast at a snail’s pace and still a hurricane.  But she’s big and seems to have brought the entire Atlantic Ocean with her, and she’s pounding NC while she works her way down Coast toward SC.

We think maybe our Bean’s Beanlette in SC may be getting bored.  They have been out of school in Charleston since Tuesday when they reversed lanes on I26 to get people away from the coast. What’s a kid supposed to do?  Fortunately, they have power there and thus far have not been touched to any real extent by Flo. The VA Beanlettes had today off school, and they were pretty excited about their extra day off.  All is calm at their house.

So while we keep watch on the Northwest Coast for more greatly anticipated raindrops to fall down on our little garden and windowpanes, our counterparts on the East Coast may not be so thrilled with their damp.

Be safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “Whoa…it’s finally raining!

    1. [SNIP] – You had hurricane damage? Oh no. Is everyone OK? Goobie sends lots of love. Says she’ll get on a postal bus next week for sure.


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