Who’s that

There we were, just hanging out with Goobie’s box.  It was a nice day, warmish with the sun shining. Let me rephrase: it was a very nice day.  So there we were, just hanging, and suddenly there was a voice behind us that said “Hi.” Naturally, we all turned to look.

A fellow about the height of Kele and me stood there, football tucked under his arm.

“Want to toss a few?” he asked.

We just stared for a while. Who was this and how did he get inside our house.  Well, not our house but the house in which our house lives…and where we live, pretty much on the end table, since we still don’t have our possessions. We thought about going up stairs to just hang out in the empty house, but we sorta like it down here.  More light, more stuff going on.  Like this weird sorta something.

“Who be yu?” Oh Smidge, always the outspoken and brave one, especially when she has a cousin and a friend to back her up. And back her up we did.

“Yeah, dude – who are you?” challenged Kele.

“And what are you doing in our house?”  I was bold enough to ask the obvious.

“Name’s Taelyn. I was displaced from my former abode, so your Bean invited me to live here. She seemed to think I’d fit right in.  What ta ya think?”

It was quiet for a while.  We all processed this news.  If he was displaced, he’d managed to land of the displaced since we are technically displaced too, though we stuck by our Bean. She promised to keep looking for all our stuff, and even said that if it couldn’t be located, she’d get us new stuff.  That’s pretty loyal. Besides, we love her. Shoot, even Goobie in the box loves her.

Guess we processed this a bit too long, because Taelyn spoke again.

“What’s in the box, guys?”

Who,” said Smidge, always correct.  “Who in the box be ma frend, Goobie.” We all nodded.

“You keep your friend in a box?  (pause)  Oh my gosh, she’s not dead is she?!” His face reflected momentary horror.

“Na, she’s just ready for transport, probably like you got here.  She was supposed to go back to her home in Virginia a few weeks ago, but her Papa got sick again, and so he and her Mama Marie were at the hospital and nobody was home. We thought it would be a short time, so we all agreed that it would be best if she just waited in the box. We slide food through the cracks for her.  She’s fine.”

((muffled sounds)) “I’m okay.  Pleased to meet you.”

“Oo…kaaay. Seems sketchy to keep a friend in a box, but she sounds fine. What do you do for fun besides hang out with your friend in a box.”

Kele spoke up.  “Last week we all watched McCain’s three-day funeral services on TV.”

Nobody spoke.  We all looked at Taelyn and he looked back at us. He opened his mouth once, but closed it again.  Finally, he spoke.

“So, tossing the football is out?”



2 thoughts on “Who’s that

  1. Hahahahahahaha!!! Oh my GUMDROPS! If there’d been a LOVE button, I’da pushed it!! Hi Taelyn. I’m a cuzzin too, but I live inna Virginia (like Goobie). Smidge an’ Snip an’ Kele are pretty awesome. I like foot football, but it’d be cool to toss a football football too. I’m gonna come visit soon. Wanna try tossin’ then?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. [Taelyn] Hey, Kestrel. Good to meet a cuzzin, even if you are kina far away. Alreddy I’m lukin forward ta yur visit. And we can prolly kick the football as well as toss it, though I suspect maybe you meant soccer. Not sure we have a soccer ball, but I’ll dig around.


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