It’s Friday again?

This week went so fast that it’s barely still Friday!  However, here in the Pacific Northwest, we still have an hour and 15 minutes to go.  I’m golden.

We had guests on Monday for Lunch.  Auntie Glenda and her mom (all the way from West Virginia) were here.  Our Bean’s toe is healing, but she still had some hip issues which we blame on the toe – left foot, right hip – limping on both sides, so she took it easy. She did attend the annual Homeowner’s Association meeting.  That was the true highlight of the week.

People were disgruntled, to say the least.  As the Bean described it, many of the problems could have been solved by showing up to the monthly meetings and reading the newsletter that explained things.  However, there were many complaints (only a couple legitimate ones), and lots of craziness going on with people shouting, implying, making snide remarks, pointing, and some riotous style moments.  She said it was one of those things where you didn’t want to look but couldn’t look away.  She was glad to have escaped.

The building where they meet has large double doors at the front and rear of the main meeting space, and unfortunately we are surrounded by wildfires to the North, East, and South, which all managed to have their smoke blown into our space.  Twice, the bean has felt compelled to go downstairs to make sure nothing in the house was smoldering because what was creeping inside was strong. It caused her to develop a cough which became a deeper cough, and eventually became asthmatic bronchitis.  Lots of inhaler puffs and other medicinal treatments plus a change in the weather have given her a brief respite these past two days, but on Tuesday at the meeting, it was like sitting around a smoky campfire and made Wednesday quite difficult to breathe properly. The weather people deemed the air “unhealthy” for everyone and not just at-risk people.

We stayed inside where it was safe, but gave Goobie a chance to “see” the great outdoors.

Goobie's conveyance looks out the window

Her Papa was well enough that he is back on the home turf in a rehab facility, which gives Mama Marie the comforts of home and friends and a bit of relief that he is in recovery.  We hope it continues, so sending her lots of love and hugs.  I know that Goobie is stretching out her week little arms inside her conveyance to transfer her hug.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday again?

  1. Ahhh, cute pic a cracking up with Goobie and her “ View from the box !” End it truly is good for mom at Reed to be home. Last night her friends kidnapped her, yes, kidnapped her ! They forced her to go to a comedy show in Virginia Beach and out to dinner because he thought she needed the “therapy.” It brought laughter back into her life which she will share with Hoobie when she comes home!

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  2. [SNIP] All you have to do is let us know…Goobie says she’s tiring of us, though I have no idea why. I never thought we were a boring group, but we might just be. LOL. Glad to hear the kidnapping was fun and not real.


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