Missing UFDC

Every year since 2015 I’ve been giving a daily blow-by-blow with photos of the adventures of the Bean and Smidge at the United Federation of Doll Club’s annual convention.  This year, it’s in Phoenix, AZ, but we aren’t there. Sad.

Smidge, Kele, and I have been enjoying our free time entertaining our visiting friend, Goobie Scopel. This week, she’s gotten to ride on our family’s baby dragon, Soot, while we stood by to make sure all went well.  Sootie can’t flame yet – too young and very slow to mature to the flame stage – so we are coaching him to be kind and gentle with resins and other dollies.  There wasn’t even an attempt to scorch anyone. Good Sootie.

Goobie and Soot

The Bean has decided to use her at-home Convention week sewing a wardrobe for a peg-wooden doll.  The doll had been used by a couple of clubs as a luncheon souvenir and as a reason for a fun workshop, the latter using the set of patterns created by friend and fellow doll club member, Susan Sirkis. The pattern set is called “Lets Sew: Wardrobe for a Wooden Doll.”

The doll is MUCH taller than we are.  She’s a bit of a giant, in fact.  We are a mere 4.5 inches, but she is 11.5.  The bean ordered her from Jonathan Green who imports them from Germany.  They are made by Judith Sotriffer.  The Bean had to wait over a month for her doll to arrive because she wanted one without curls, and they were still in production. While waiting, a dear older friend passed away, so in honor of her friend, the Bean named her doll, Miss Margaret.

So far, Miss Margaret has her split drawers, her under petticoat, and today she will get her slip. Gotta start with the basics because, as Susan wrote in her instructions, you need to make sure each new layer will fit over the old. The Bean has asked me to update all of you periodically as Miss Margaret’s wardrobe grows.

So here’s wishing a happy Convention week to all of you attending the 69th UFDC Convention in Phoenix, AZ from all of us here in blissfully cool (for now) Everett, WA.  Next year, I’ll be back, posting daily again from the Convention in Nashville, TN.

Until then, happy dolling, all. See you next week with a regular post.

2 thoughts on “Missing UFDC

  1. [Snip] The Bean thinks finger massages would be lovely and says to tell you it is a wonderful suggestion. Thank you.


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