Farewell heat wave

It was hot…well, hot for here, at least.  Mid 80s is pretty hot because we don’t have air conditioning.  Stores do, but hardly any houses.  So it was sticky at 1AM when the bedroom thermostat still read 80 degrees with windows wide open and fans going.  Sigh. But we are over it now.  Much nicer today and we’re back down into the mid 60s and 70s.  Sadly, I’m sure it will return, but we are on heat hiatus for now.

We weren’t sure if it was the heat or the return of the local crows this week that scared off our hummers.  We finally saw one flit by today, but they have been remarkably absent during the hot days.  We stood patiently, though I admit to leaning on my mates while they pressed up against the window to try to catch a glimpse, but to no avail.  So we moved on after spotting the one hummer dash past, in a hurry somewhere.

We hope you are staying cool out there, wherever you are.

2 thoughts on “Farewell heat wave

  1. Snip: we had to sit…too tired of waiting in the window. But we did see a Hummer today. We also think maybe the crows scared them away. We hope we will see more soon.


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