We are here in beautiful Washington, but have not yet been to our own home! True.

The Bean has been unpacking daily, trying to make it safe enough for us to move in and try to help.  She’s afraid one of us might tumble into a box of paper destined to the recyclers, which is horrid to even consider.  She knows best.

We are hanging with Cousin Pip at her place.  She’s excited since she says she never had this many people her size visit before.  But with four extras, it’s a wee bit crowded, small as we are. But we love spending time with Pip and with dear Goobie, who is still with us, having made the journey from VA.  We don’t even wish to consider that she must go home again, but that was the agreement.  We found her a vehicle of transport, but the Bean claims to have misplaced her address.  We don’t believe her, but it does prolong the visit, and we like that part a lot.

Just letting you all know that we are well.

Snip (+ Smidge, Kele, & Goobie)

4 thoughts on “Un-Homed

  1. [Snip] Sure miss you too, Kestrel. It’s a tiny bit dull without you and the gang. Looking forward to a visit from you and Cooper, but you should wait till we find some beds to sleep in first. 🙂


  2. [Snip] Thank you. It is quite lovely out here, and we like it a lot. We are just a little lost right now, but we’ll adjust and be virtual natives in no time. 🙂


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