Men, women, and dollies at work

The week that was….was.  Over, done, and a new week nearly begun, at least by the calendar on Sunday.

The landscapers have pulled out the offensive mess we used to call the privacy hedge that got scalped, tilled the soil, planted new bayberry bushes that will some day grow back into a privacy hedge, and mulched it.  Not quite what it used to be, but looks nice if you don’t mind feeling a bit invaded with all eyes now looking through the hedge.  But it’s done and was gratis thanks to the company owning up to their mistakes.  The new owner probably won’t know the difference anyway.

The worker bees are also busy making some final repairs and upgrades to the exterior of the house.  Uncle GT did a great job on the inside when he was here, so we’re now looking at just a few more days of work and then…yes, then.

Meanwhile, we are still purging, organizing, and donating like crazy, though we all see progress of sorts, some days more than others.  Bean says you really have to tear things apart before you can put them back together.  I think it’s the tearing apart part that makes all of us a wee bit nervous.

One week from today, the packers will be here.  They will do the dolls that day, which means the Hitty room and all the tiny items in the houses there, including ours.  As we struggle to make sure we take only what we need, Kele insist his hammock bed must go, so go it will.  The Hittys, or most of them, are already in hibernation in their box.  I say most because the Bean included the Mignonettes, and as a result, not all the Hittys made it into the box.  However, she says there are still two boxes for filling yet, and that they need not worry – they and the Rurukos will be safely transported by her, as will the rather immense suitcase filled with her large and beloved Dewees Cochran dolls.  Not sure how she’s also cramming in all her carving tools and …oh yes, her clothing …but we have faith she’ll prevail.  Mr. Happy has always said that the Bean has calibrated eyes and can make sure that everything she needs and expects to fit somewhere actually will.

The Bean, Smidge, and Goobie are off on a wee break today for lunch with Goobie’s Mama Marie and three other friends, the second Marie, Mary, and Susan in Williamsburg.  Kele and I are holding down the fort with the Rurukos (which still includes Cousins Kestrel and Cooper Herbert, Ruruko brother and sister twins belonging to Auntie Sara).  It is comforting to still have them with us. I’m pretty sure that Pinkly is glad too – she and Cooper seem to have something going.

The time is going quickly.  Before you know it, it will be April 14 and we’ll be off on our journey and a true adventure.

Meanwhile, be stalwart, fellow dollies of the house: we can do this as a team.


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