And then the 4th nor’easter….

So there we were, things humming along nicely, items being sorted, eBay sales (all 65 listings) concluded, paid for, packaged, and delivered unto the postal, a class worth of papers tutored plus five more through the OWL, laundry done, caulking, scraping, painting, grocery shopping….and then it all came to a wet, cold, screeching halt when the snow fell on Wednesday.  The photo above was just the beginning. Well, all the indoor stuff was still possible, but driving to the dump or Goodwill, not so much.

Auntie Glenda, Pip, and Amalynn came last Thursday evening, and Uncle GT came early Sunday morning.  We were also visited on Saturday and Sunday last weekend by young Bean, Auntie Sara and her little bean girls.  Everyone has pitched in to help, but we get stalled now and then.  That’s what happened Wednesday: stall time.  All the schools closed, and life came to a screeching halt.  Sadness.  The Bean said she didn’t mind – she’s been feeling somewhat poorly due to her medical issues, and had to cancel something she looked forward to doing on Tuesday, so a spare day of rest was nothing she’d complain about.

Our friend Goobie is here with us.  Smidge and the Bean picked her up last Wednesday.  She is traveling with Smidge to the Pacific Northwest, so will be with us the rest of the time here plus during the carving workshop in Arkansas in April, and then on to our final destination.  It’s nice to have a bit of the familiar with us.  We promised her Mama Marie that we’d send her back home on the Postal Bus once we settled in a bit.  It was very kind of her to allow Goobie to come with us.  After her visit with us last year for almost three months, she feels like family…another sister.  And of course Kestrel and Cooper came – I think Cooper is just here to flirt with Pinkly.The gang is all here

Then we took an unfortunately close look at the calendar and were shocked to see that, once Auntie Glenda and Uncle GT go home on Sunday, we have slightly less than three weeks left, a full week of that time taken up by packers and movers.  We panicked.  We are still panicked.  We are shocked, too.  How did that happen so quickly? Where did the time go?

I can actually feel my brain spinning inside my head.

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