Starting the clock: Week 4, counting down

So last week we had the giant garage sale…and this week, we’re doing it all over again.  It was dark, dank, and cold, so cold we thought we had vision issues when white speckles appeared before our eyes.  No detached retinas – it was SNOWING!

The Hoomans kept running inside to get warm, and we dollies decided inside was safer – we feared our resin might actually crack.  A few folks came to the sale despite the gloom and chill, but it was definitely not the success we had hoped it would be.  Bean thinks she might list the big stuff separately on Craig’s list, and possibly advertise the actual garage sale again for next weekend.  She’s not yet done this, but she’s in deep thought.

We got to spend the day inside where it was warmer with cousin Kestrel, who came to keep us company and guard us to be sure we were not sold off.  Only one many broke into the house, but Bean’s bestie, SaraCD, was pretty much right behind him and heard him say when he hit the kitchen, “I feel as if I’m intruding.”  Yup, you were.  We hid in the dolly room, but Smidge was exposed, along with several woodens.  Weird what people will do.  The Bean saw it happen from afar, but thought there might be rescue in the form of other helpers, which there was. Kestrel keeping us safe

On Thursday, Bean and Smidge went to the final doll club meeting in Williamsburg for the day, and then that night Bean, Auntie Sara, Kestrel, and Smidge picked up Auntie Glenda and Cousins Pip and Amalynn at the airport.  They have come to help.  Uncle GT will arrive on the red eye Sunday AM because he had to compete in an archery tournament on Saturday so couldn’t come at the same time.  We are hopeful he did well. He probably did – he’s a good archer.

So we are about to enter week 4, counting down to the final day here.  Everyone is girding their loins and preparing for battle.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Stay tuned.

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