Sale week…

Note: Parts of this post are being written early.  Right now, we’re taking a wee break before disappearing into the new mess we used to call the living room of Bean’s house. 

On Tuesday evening, the Bean and Auntie Sara dragged down boxes and bags of stuff from the third floor to be hauled out for the Garage sale (scheduled for Saturday), but it was raining and dark, so it all had to stay in the living room.  The garage is a separate building, three bays plus and living quarters over it.  So after it was all down, the Bean got it into her head to sort through a couple of bins…well, that went horribly wrong.  Now she has two large and empty bins and also piles ~nay, small mountains~ of American Girl doll clothes everywhere.  We had to go to the grocers to procure a giant-sized box of gallon Zip Loc bags into which we must organize the clothing.  “We” does not mean me.

After all that, Bean changed her mind about what to do with the clothing, and she decided she was going to put them up for sale on eBay, not in the garage sale.  So now that means taking the time to photograph each outfit and then to list it for sale.  Oh my.  Kele and I have decided to stay out of it entirely.  Smidge begged us to tie a safety line around her waist so we can haul her out if necessary.  She’s not into mountain climbing.

Speaking of Smidge (and an update on our timetable), we are down to the final five weeks prior to “we don’t live here any more.”  To make it more fun for all of us, the Bean granted Smidge permission to invite her Bestie, Voir de Wizzy, from Minnesota to come and travel cross-country with us to see our new home.  Sadly, the Voir is busy with nursing duties and a home remodel, so she can’t make it.  Smidge was sorely disappointed until the Bean came up with another idea: invite Goobie.

You may recall, Goobie is from Yorktown, VA, and she stayed a few months with us last year when her Mama Marie was in California.  The invitation included passage back home for Goobie plus a carving stop along the way.  I believe Goobie was with us last spring when we were in Arkansas carving, so it’s familiar territory. And after requesting permission from Mama Marie … Goobie said YES!!  

Smidge has been all a-twitter, hunting down sleeping bags for them and such.  We all need those, but so far we’ve only found three, and then we promptly lost the third, so we’re down to two definite. Sigh.  That’s lately been the story of our lives.  We find something, then lose it and have to find it all over again.  We lost two dollies this week, but finally located their hiding spot Tuesday afternoon, hunkered down behind some other dollies.  We gave them the blue ribbon for winning that hide-and-seek game!

Anyway, due to convenience, we (this “we” means Smidge and the Bean) picked up Goobie at doll club on Thursday. Having Goobie with her will distract Smidge so she won’t feel so sad about leaving. It was Bean’s last club attendance since she’ll be gone by the April meeting, which makes her sad.  Bean also refuses to think about it – she’ll think about meeting new dolly people near our new home. She won’t forget these friends she’s leaving behind, but instead embrace the strangers, who are simply friends she hasn’t yet met.

But first we focus on the big Garage Sale.  It’s on Saturday ~ tomorrow ~ from 8-2, and we’ve engaged friends and relatives to come help wrangle the hoards we hope will show up.  The Bean posted the sale to three or four online selling sites for the area and will put up signs.  She posted one at the drive on Wednesday, but has others for the corner and for the medians that are two blocks away on major roads in two directions. Those she’ll get out this afternoon.  Her friend also came on Wednesday to haul stuff from the house into the garage and then help arrange it all, helping to free the living room of all but the clothing mountains.  Said friend will be coming back tonight. I was told that the Garage is an unmanageable mess that needs sorting badly…

And most everything in it badly needs selling.  Purge purge purge!  Sell sell sell!

Did I mention that this entire moving process is becoming quite tiresome?

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