It’s March, and time… well, you know.

What happened to February – it was just here a couple of days ago! Farewell, February.

Now even I am starting to panic just a little over the move…it’s just coming at us so fast.  We thought we had time, we though we were doing all the stuff that needed doing, but yet…not so much as we thought.  Only five weeks from today, the first fleet of packers shows up. It’s feeling pretty overwhelming this week, but we plod along because it’s all we can do.

The Bean is saying her goodbyes to friends.  She says it’s easier to do now when she’s not totally overwhelmed and moving is right there.  By saying it early, she has the sense of “I’ll see you again soon” rather than “this is the final time.”  She says that is helpful and makes it less sad.  Last week, she had lunch and said goodbye to a friend of 30 years.  This week she said goodbye to two friends, one a friend of 12 years, and one of 23 years, her former professor and mentor who became a colleague and friend. She said knowing it was possibly the last time they would see each other, was harder as she gets closer to the last day, but all have promised to keep in touch, as they have over the years.  Friendship is a wonderful thing – years can pass, but true friends can simply pick up again where they left off as if no time at all has passed.

Our March (the month) came in like a wet lamb yesterday morning, but by this morning the March winds had made themselves known and were howling like a wolf at the door.  Hello March.  Trying to make sure we knew you were here?  Supposedly this is a good month to fly kites, but I think the winds are so strong they would simply rip it right out of your hands.

Next weekend, we are having our Garage sale.  We are not, of course, at all ready for it, though we’ve been preparing for some time.  We’ve been stashing stuff out there for months now, but you can’t even see half of it because there is so much other stuff in the way.  The bean took some photos of some of the bigger items she could access there and in the house, where some furniture is that must go, but there is a lot more to be done to prep, and nothing is priced.

She’ll take something to the garage, but discover boxes of stuff she still must go through, so they come back inside.  One out, two in.  Sigh. The garage was where a lot of stuff from her mom’s house ended up, and it never got entirely sorted.  Now everything must be sorted.  She keeps finding boxes and bins of old love letters between her parents (she says she can’t bring herself to read those but hasn’t yet had the courage to recycle them either) and photographs, which are old and smelly.  Who needs pictures of people we don’t even know?  Half are not family but friends of long deceased relatives, and even when there is a name on the back of the picture, it doesn’t help.  The actual relatives are typically recognizable to the Bean, who’s good with facial recognition, if not names.  LOL.  She does know family faces and names, but some photos are truly horrid, as old photos tend to be.  We’re hoping to consolidate them prior to the move, and get rid of those that are too faded or with people and places we don’t know.  Those would be clutter, not treasure.  Stinky, old, moldy clutter.

And so we march stoically on…


3 thoughts on “It’s March, and time… well, you know.

  1. We are so glad for your “snippets” to keep us abreast of this move. You have a very special “bean” who will be missed. I have a Goobie who has been in tears until I told her about the special trip she will start after the next doll club, which reminded us that we all stay close to heart with the wonderful technology available today.

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