Will it work this week…?

So I’m starting early, just in case the whole site goes crashing down around me again.  So frustrating to have to use a different blogging service again last week, simply because I could not access my space.  I hope this is not a regular and quite unwanted feature.

Smidge, Kele, and I spent last week discussing and debating the merits of combining our households after our Bean offered us a huge old house she’s owned since the late 1970s that she purchased at auction.  It has four really large rooms, a front porch and steps, and back steps as well. It is partially furnished, but we could bring in our own things and it would be quite fabulous.  Its only drawback is that it lacks a bath, and we are unsure where that might go and how it would work out with all of us in the same quarters. And that’s why all the discussion, debate, and hesitation.

Finally, we said enough with the talk, it’s time to vote.  So we voted.  Kele was the dissenter.  He’s most concerned that his traditional Hawaiian outdoor lifestyle would be completely disrupted.  I pointed out that he could bring his hammock (my hammock, but he’s sleeping in it) with him and we would continue on just as we were in my Breadbox, but with more space.  But since Smidge and I decided to take the plunge, he really was outvoted.  So we are moving into The Big House.

But not until we figure out who sleeps where, where my office will be, and where Smidge’s clinic will go.  Don’t really want folks trampling all over the house.  Or do we?

Stay tuned.

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